• La (f)utilité gouvernementale de l’évaluation des politiques publiques, quelques leçons américaines et françaises , LIEPP Working Paper, n°49, mars 2016
  • Daniel Hamermesh: Citations in Economics

    March 18th 2016
    • Actualité Sciences PoActualité Sciences Po


    The LIEPP and the Department of Economics are pleased to welcome you to the seminar:

  • Improving Higher Education of All Students: Lessons from the United States , LIEPP Working Paper n°48, February 2016
  • Inside Severance Pay LIEPP Working Paper n°47, February 2016
  • A Brief History of Human Time: Exploring a database of “notable people” , LIEPP Working Paper n°46, February 2016
  • Fiscal Welfare in Europe: a state of the art , LIEPP Working Paper n°45, February 2016
  • Track choice and socioeconomic origin: measuring and explaining academic inhibition , LIEPP Policy Brief n°23, february 2016
  • Biased Aspirations and Social Inequality at School: Evidence from French Teenagers , LIEPP Working Paper, n°44, January 2016
  • Les effets des attentats de 2015 sur l'opinion publique : Priorité à la sécurité, stabilité sur l'immigration & hausse souhaitée des dépenses publiques LIEPP Policy Brief n°22, janvier 2016
  • Rebuilding Europe

    Prof. Jan Rovny's students contribute policy proposals for the EU
    • Actualité Sciences PoActualité Sciences Po

    How to rebuild Europe to address the "Greek" crisis was not only on the minds of policymakers in Brussels and European capital cities this past Fall, but it was the challenge put to Masters' students in the Masters in European Affairs (MEA) program who took LIEPP Assistant Professor Jan Rovny's course, "Rebuilding Europe" last semester.