Fostering Access to Childcare in France : Projet Premiers Pas (PPP)

Project holders : 

Research team : 

  • Alex de Carvalho (Université Paris-Cité)
  • Coralie Chevallier (LNCC, ENS/PSL)
  • Lidia Panico (INED)
  • Arthur Heim (PSE)

Project description : 

Even though attending early childcare services (ECS) has positive effects on the development and school achievement of low socioeconomic status (SES) children, they are underrepresented in these structures. We hypothesize that structural barriers relating to the accessibility of ECS (rationing of places and access criteria) and to their costs for low SES families only partly explain their lower access rates. Relying on a qualitative preparatory study, we expect that a lack of information about these services as well as administrative barriers in the application process also contribute to it. Therefore, our intervention aims at delivering information and support about the availability, costs, eligibility, and related application procedures. Its impact is evaluated through a randomized controlled trial. We will recruit 1680 mothers during their prenatal visits to maternity hospitals in Ile de France for a baseline questionnaire. Participants will then be randomly assigned to 3 experimental arms: control, information-only treatment, or information + administrative support treatment. Application for and access to ECS will be measured one year later, and the impacts on children’s development will be measured in a follow-up 2 years later.

Poster of the project - June 2023

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