Organiser des dispositifs d’Activité Physique sur Prescription (OrgAPP). Tensions politiques et configurations professionnelles dans la mise en œuvre de l’action publique locale en matière de « sport-santé ».

Project holders : 

Research team : 

  • Julie Thomas (Centre Max Weber) 
  • Yannick Le henaff (CERMES 3)
  • Camille Boubal (CSO) 
  • Mélanie Lepori (Université de Strasbourg,SAGE)
  • Romaine Didierjean (Université de Nîmes)

Project description : 

The project aims to understand the diversification of public health policies regarding prescription-based physical activity. In 2016, the law of modernisation of the French health system introduced the possibility for the attending doctor to prescribe physical activity to ALD patients, and initiated a regional structuring process led by the ARS and DRJSCS, and their operators. The OrgAPP project shows that other organizations (local authorities, private associations or commercial structures) are also trying to structure prescription schemes away from state actors. Besides making prescription-based physical activity a norm for ALD practitioners, these processes of empowerment generate the production of complex organizational and professional ecosystems in which new actors may emerge, who can be seen as intermediaries, to encourage the mobilization of ALD doctors and patients. By linking the analysis of public policies and the sociology of professions, the project also aims to understand the logics of intermediaries' inclusion in prescription schemes, as well as their adaptation to the demands of designers and/or their attempts to modify the formal or informal organization.

Poster of the project - June 2023

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