Experience et traitement des discriminations et des inégalités dans la fonction publique (Post-enquête qualitative TeO2)

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This project examines the potential impact of discrimination and inequalities linked to migratory origin, gender and class in the context of the civil service (recruitment, careers, functioning of work groups). The first line of thought will focus on the determinants of entry into the civil servi ce. It will be a question of seeing at what point in their careers the respondents chose the public sector; with regard to a potential experience of discrimination in the private sector, but also as a strategy for social promotion, developed in connection with the sector's declared neutrality. The second axis will focus on the knowledge and representation they have of the procedures for entering and progressing in the public service, and more specifically, of competitive examinations. The third axis aims to study the production and meaning of categories of gender and class origin in professional spaces. The last axis questions the reception that agents have of the measures relating to "the fight against discrimination" or "the promotion of diversity" in the civil service. Particular attention will be paid to the way in which the implementation of these measures influences their perception of discriminatory phenomena, their propensity to denounce them, and the modalities of this potential denunciation.

Poster of the project - June 2023

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