Marchés locaux du logement locatif, inégalités et trajectoires résidentielles des classes moyennes dans la métropole parisienne (2017)

Research team : 

Marco OBERTI (Sciences Po OSC and LIEPP)

Quentin RAMOND (Sciences Po OSC and LIEPP)

Guillaume CHAPELLE (Département d'Economie and LIEPP)

Jean-Benoît EYMEOUD (Département d'Economie and LIEPP)     

This project obtained funding from LIEPP through the 2017 call for proposals.     

Description of the project : 

The rental housing market is a key factor in urban inequalities and segregation dynamics. Housing conditions and residential mobility of the middle classes are particularly affected by these dynamics, and represent a central issue for public policies. In this context, the project aims at deepening our knowledge of local rental markets, focusing on the Paris metropolis and examining the position and the residential trajectories of the middle classes in several local configurations. The study uses, on the one hand, an original database of rental housing posts, elaborated with Big Data methods (web-scrapping) and, on the other hand, develops a locality sensitive qualitative approach based on interviews. The field study addresses the position of the middle classes in the rental strategies of private actors. It also examines the way the middle classes develop their residential decisions on the rental market in several contexts and at different point in their residential trajectories, in order to understand how their experiences can foster new lines of differentiation among this group. 

Poster of the project - June 2020


Quentin RAMOND, Guillaume CHAPELLE. (2019). Un parc social, des parcs sociaux : une typologie des configurations locales du logement social en Ile-de-France, Géographie, Economie, Société, vol.21,n° 3, p. 171-203. 

Guillaume CHAPELLE, Quentin RAMOND, Un parc social, des parcs sociaux. Analyse des stratégies de production et de gestion en Ile-de-France, LIEPP Working Paper n°77, février 2018.

Events :

The Middle Classes, Housing and Schooling in the City, Workshop LIEPP/OSC 28 juin 2019

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