Workshop EP@P - Economics & Politics at Paris

Workshop EP@P - Economics & Politics at Paris

Online Workshop, December 14-15 2020

Monday 14 

13.30 – 15.00 Session 1: Elections
Chairman: E.Grossman 

  • Economic Insecurity and the rise of the right. A.Lepinteur (Univ. of Luxembourg)
    Discussants: D. Di Gioacchino & C. Green 
  • Unemployment: populist vote’s motto? L.Duthilleul (Lille Univ.)
    Discussants: W. Sas & E. Mougin
  • Voters’ preferences for “technocratic” ministers in Europe: a conjoint experiment. S.Panel (Sciences Po Grenoble)
    Discussants: N. Lauritz-Schönhage & M. Marino 

15.15 --16.45 Session 2: Public opinions 
Chairman: Q. David 

  • Humanity’s Attitudes About Democracy and Political Leaders: Patterns and Trends. D.Bol (King’s College)
    Discussants: M. Blanga-Gubbay & Q. David 
  • Partisan Bias in Politicians' perception of scandals. N.Schonage (VUB)
    Discussants: M. Limardi & C. Close 
  • Policy preferences: between party identity and media salience. E.Grossman (Sciences Po Paris)
    Discussants: H. Iqbal & I. Tojerow 

17.00 --18.30 Session 3: Interest Groups
Chairman: A. François

  • Trade Unions and Trade Protection. M.Blanga-Gubbay (Univ. of Zurich)
    Discussants: C. Le Pennec & D. Morrison
  • Disentangling the Motivations for Campaign Contributions: Corruption or Policy Alignment. D.Morrison (Univ. of Princeton)
    Discussants: F. Dubois & D. Bol 
  • Money and Ideology: Evidence from French Legislative Elections. E.Mougin (Sciences Po Paris)
    Discussants: E. Farvaque & A. Lepinteur 

Tuesday 15 

8.30 – 10.00 Session 4: Public Budget 
Chairman: P-G.Méon

  • More to the picture than meets the eye? Governors’ popularity, voters’ polarization and political budget cycles. E.Farvaque (Lille Univ.)
    Discussants: C. Shelton & P-G. Méon
  • Vote-buying by Politicians: Evidence from Senators in France. B.Monnery (Nanterre Univ.)
    Discussants: N. Broberg & M. Frank 
  • The impact of extending term limits in Italy on the political budget cycle: evidence from Italy. N.Broberg (IUE Florence)
    Discussants: M. Banaszewska & O. Saka 

10.15 --11.45 Session 5: Legislation
Chairman: I. Tojerow 

  • Incorporated in Westminster: Channels and Returns to Political Connection in the United Kingdom. C.Green (Norwegian Univ. of Sc and Techno)
    Discussants: J. Lacroix & J. Rockey
  • Political competition and legislative shirking in roll-call votes Evidence from Germany for 1953-2017. M.Frank (Univ. of Bayreuth)
    Discussants: A. François & M. Tanvé 
  • Styles of representation and party affiliation: investigating the effect of party resources. C.Close (ULB)
    Discussants: B. Monnery & E. Grossman

12.00 -- 13.00 Session 6: Policy Making
Chairman: E. Grossman 

  • Financial Policymaking after Crises: Public vs. Private Interests. O.Saka (Sussex Univ.)
    Discussants: P. Panizza & L. Duthilleul 
  • Community size, newspapers diffusion and perceived corruption of politicians. A.François (Lille Univ.)
    Discussants: A. Michaud & S. Panel 


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Complete program (pdf) 

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