Ten Principles For Policymaking In The Energy Transition

Ten Principles For Policymaking In The Energy Transition

Table ronde de l'axe Politiques environnementales. 03/02. 12h30 - 14h
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LIEPP's Environmental Policies Research Group is pleased to convene the Round table:  

Ten Principles for Policymaking in the Energy Transition. EEIST’s 2022 Report launch event in France. 

Paris, February 3rd, 2023, 12.30-2 pm CET 

Venue: Sciences Po, 9 rue de la chaise, Room 910

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Presentation : 

The most outstanding successes so far in low carbon transitions in China, India, Brazil and Europe were achieved by policies implemented despite, not because of, dominant economic analysis and advice. That was the striking finding of the EEIST (Economics of Energy Innovation and System Transition) project’s report released at COP26. Now, a new report  from the same group has been launched in Fall 2022, outlining ten principles for successful policymaking on low-carbon transitions. Based on detailed empirical evidence, these overturn conventional wisdom and suggest a new way forward to help countries accelerate innovation, job creation, and cost reduction in the shift from fossil fuels to clean technologies. The report highlights the need for governments to proactively use the three levers of policy: investment, tax and regulation, to accelerate innovation and cost reduction in clean technologies and to target ‘tipping points’, where clean technologies gain an advantage over fossil fuels, to achieve our climate goals. 

LIEPP’s environmental research group is pleased to welcome Pr. Cristina Peñasco, one of the leading authors of the report. She will present the report and its main findings, followed by a round table discussion of the report by leading experts in the field.

The report is available here: EEIST website  

The EEIST is a University of Exeter led project, funded by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy of the UK Government and by the CIFF foundation.

Keynote : 

Pr. Cristina Peñasco (Cambridge University & Bennett Institute) 

Panel discussion :

Nicolas Berghmans, IDDRI, Lead European Affairs, Energy and Climate expert

Aurore Colin, I4CE, Cheffe de projet Territoires et climat

Romain Svartzman, Banque de France, Climate Change Centre (CCC)

The round table will be chaired by Charlotte Halpern (Sciences Po, CEE and LIEPP), co-director of LIEPP's environmental policies research group.

Contact : environnement.liepp@sciencespo.fr

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