The Dualization of Europe (Global project)

Equipe de recherche:

Jan ROVNY (Assistant professor CEE et LIEPP)


This project is supported by the LIEPP since September 2015

This project will investigate the extent to which Europe has experienced a process of dualization over time. The initial goal of European integration was to ensure convergence - a catching-up of lesser-developed countries/regions to more highly developed countries. This convergence trend continued through Spain and Portugal's accession (1986) and the Eastern enlargement wave (2004). Since the 2008 economic crisis, however, Europe has witnessed a divergence. A dualization emerged between northern countries that maintained export-led competitiveness and southern and peripheral countries where consumption-based growth models proved ineffective. Meanwhile, austerity plans imposed on Eastern Europe fit their economic model, so they experienced growth with lower social benefits.We analyze the observable empirical implications of this divide by demonstrating the socioeconomic outcomes across Europe during the convergence and divergence periods. We examine national/regional data on social spending cuts in key social programs such as education and unemployment insurance. We observe a pattern of investment vs. de-investment by which core European countries invested in social programs and R&D, consequently witnessing social and economic returns, versus peripheral countries that failed to invest in social investment due to restrictive austerity measures. We then explore political implications, analyzing the recent rise of radical left and right parties. Project activities will ultimately culminate in the publication of an academic book so why a two-day workshop meeting of the editors and authors will be organized in June 2015 in Florence. Two working papers are planned for publication out of a total of four papers. Research during this period could also result in the publication of a policy brief. Associates researchers also intend to attend two related conferences at which they will present on their findings and collaborate. ise, the project consists of preparation of the publication of an edited volume with a renowned international publisher (Oxford University Press).

Poster of the Project (June 2017)


Publications associées: 

Bruno PALIER, Allison ROVNY, Jan ROVNY, European Disunion? Social and Economic Divergence in Europe, and their Political Consequences , LIEPP Working Paper, n°71, November 2017.

Philip Manow, Bruno Palier, and Hanna Schwander, Welfare Democracies and Party Politics: Explaining Electoral Dynamics in Times of Changing Welfare Capitalism, OxfordUniversity Press, May 2018.

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Europe in Political Turmoil. ECPR-SGEU LIEPP Roundtable, 15 juin, 14h15-16h15

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