• Un petit pas pour le Parlement, un grand pas pour la Vème République. L’évaluation de la révision constitutionnelle de 2008. LIEPP Working Paper, n°61, décembre 2016
  • Who Revolt? Empirically Revisiting the Social Origins of Democracy LIEPP Working Paper, n°60, November 2016
  • Mobiliser des symboles pour répondre au terrorisme Policy Brief, n°28, novembre 2016
  • The Quality of Democracy & Populism in Western Balkans

    Seminar with Dimitri A. Sotiropoulos, Oct 6th 2016
    • CC BY 2.0_Armel Le Coz_on_FlickrCC BY 2.0_Armel Le Coz_on_Flickr

    Seminar with Dimitri A. Sotiropoulos:

    The Quality of Democracy & Populism in Western Balkans in the Comparative Perspective of Contemporary European Politics

    LIEPP is glad to invite you to attend the seminar held on:

    Thursday, October 6th, 2016

    Policy Priorities Workshop

    21-22 June 2016
    • CC BY-SA 2.0_Sunny Ripert_Le vieux baromètreCC BY-SA 2.0_Sunny Ripert_Le vieux baromètre

  • Policing Markets: Campaigns against Irregular Migrant Labor in Western Europe LIEPP Working Paper, n°54, June 2016
  • Institutional Change

    The Origins and Evolution of Political Institutions, 26-27 mai 2016
    • Actualité Sciences PoActualité Sciences Po

    Institutional Change:
    The Origins and Evolution of Political Institutions

  • A Better Life for All? Democratization and Electrification in Post-Apartheid South Africa LIEPP Working Paper, n°53, May 2016
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  • Is Eastern Europe Uniformly Anti-Immigrant? Not so fast. LIEPP Policy Brief n° 24, March 2016