Board of Directors certification : Enhancing Performance through Corporate Governance

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Nadine Chraiteh

Assistant Coordinator

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  • Current directors with mandates
  • Candidates to this role
  • In companies and Banks in Lebanon and the MENA region

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the fundamental roles of the Board, starting by imperatively setting strategy and in practice organizing its works to achieve its goals and create value.
  • Understand the concept of fiduciary duty and the individual responsibilities within a Board mandate.
  • Apprehend the broader context in which a Board of Directors operates and how a company’s governance structure, organisation and composition can be tailored to comply/adapt to the strategic and resource challenges of the company, and specifically steer the company out of any critical situation.
  • Appreciate the challenges of achieving efficiency and effectiveness of the Board and identify the remedies.
  • Develop the Directors’ specific skills, necessary to challenge and support executives, through positive and focused exchanges which lead to a better performance.


In recent years, consistent progress has been noticed in the works of boards of directors and their performances. Above complying to laws and regulations, boards are seeking for active, competent, and independent directors. In this context, IFG, with its dedication to implement good Corporate Governance in Lebanon and the region, has approached one of the biggest educational institutions in Europe and the world. IFG has partnered with “Sciences Po”. This partnership is offering a leading certifying training program, providing an opportunity for current and future board directors to professionalize their practices.


The training consists of 6 modules (1 to 5 will be online) and module 6 will be held in Paris. The span of the training is over a period of 6 months, divided into 6 modules for a total of 10 days.

At the end of modules 1 to 5, a self-assessment will be carried out by each participant to assess their achievements and areas for improvement,

Module 6 is dedicated to:

  • On one hand, participate in simulations of committees or boards of directors, aimed at making collegial decisions in the general interest of the company (evaluation of the position of the director, legitimacy of the director, assessment of speaking skills, art of questioning, strength of proposals or oppositions in a board)
  • On the other hand, to the restitution by group, facing a jury, of a thorough analysis related to the Board of Directors decision making (case study)

At the end of the training, Sciences Po delivers to participants certificates bearing logos of Sciences Po Executive Education, ESA and IFG in the name of the program, as well as the signatures of the various representatives of these institutions.

  • MODULE 1 (2 Days) - Corporate Governance: The Players, Their Roles, Their Interactions, and Their Responsibilities

  • MODULE 2 (2 Days) - Strategy & Sustainability & Execution

  • MODULE 3 (1 Day) - Risk Management & Financial Oversight

  • MODULE 4 (1,5 Days) - Human Capital, Management, and Board Composition

  • MODULE 5 (0,5 Day) - Financial Reporting & Communication to Stakeholders

  • MODULE 6 (2 Days) - Soft Skills & Board Simulations


  • Availability and ability to attend all sessions of the program.
  • Motivation to be a catalyst to instigate changes in your organization.
  • An open mind and willingness to be challenged.
  • In a position to influence your organization, directly or indirectly (shareholder, Board Director, management, advisor, etc.)

Practical Informations

  • Our courses can be adapted to accommodate various accessibility requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any necessary adjustments.

In Partnership with ESA

ESA Business School was established in 1996 following an intergovernmental agreement between France and Lebanon. Dedicated to training managers and executives in Lebanon and the Middle-East, it is managed by the Paris Ile-de-France Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
ESA is the first Business School in Lebanon to obtain the Association of MBAs (AMBA) accreditation, the highest international distinction for MBA and Executive MBA programs.
In 2022, ESA became the first Business School in the Middle East to join the prestigious club of the Business Graduate Association (BGA).
ESA offers 11 academic programs from Bachelor’s degrees to Doctorates and welcomes 550 students per year trained by more than 200 professors and international experts.
Building on its achievements over the past 25 years, ESA Business School has established itself as a distinct brand with a reputation that meets the excellence of its partnerships with the most prominent European Schools.
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In addition to its primary mission as a Grande Ecole and building on the strong values it stands for, ESA Business School is fully committed to the future of Lebanon, facilitating an innovative ecosystem with a real societal impact.

In Partnership with IFG

IFG (Institute for Finance and Governance) initially launched in 2015 as part of a partnership between ESA Business School and Banque du Liban (BDL). The Institute is managed by ESA Business School.
Its aim is to be the regional center dedicated to providing banks, corporates, and family businesses with the expertise in governance principles and best practices.
IFG strives to transmit these practices with continuous sensitization of the various economic actors through dedicated conferences and specialized seminars as well as through specific training programs. IFG relies for this on a team of international experts.

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