H2020 HECAT - Disruptive Technologies Supporting Labour Market Decision Making

European Commission

A new digital platform gets to work

This project is managed by Didier Demazière and realized by Alizée Delpierre. It begins from april 2020 jusqu'to december 2022.


Increasing employment opportunities for jobseekers and improving the matching between job vacancies and workers are primary goals of EU labour market policies. At national level, one of the top policy goals is to allocate the right jobs to the right people. The EU-funded HECAT project is developing new technology to support labour market decision-making. A new user experience platform will build on existing basic algorithmic techniques used by some European public employment systems administrations to deliver labour market insights directly to unemployed citizens, and so is built on European values of open data, collaboration, transparency and citizen participation. By focusing on job quality and sustainable employment, the project will bring insight to policymakers.

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