Reconstructing Democracy in Times of Crisis: A Voter-Centred Perspective

Inaugural Workshop
5-6 février 2020
  • Démocratie symbole monde - PixabayDémocratie symbole monde - Pixabay

This inaugural workshop is he first in a series of 16 interdisciplinary workshops and conferences organised throughout the project. The workshop introduce the REDEM project and the project partners from Leiden, Genoa, Geneva, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Aarhus, Bucharest, Barcelona, and Paris, as well as the Institute for Public Policy Research, a leading British think-tank. The workshop  present the latest social scientific and philosophical research on political abstention and alienation, populism, political parties, referenda and social inequality and their relevance to debates about electoral ethics, democratic legitimacy and the challenges posed by new technologies for political transparency, inclusion and accountability.

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