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As everywhere else in the world, in Turkey COVID-19 is at the heart of current affairs. This deadly plague that operates without ethnic, confessional, or political distinction should have brought about a sacred union among the population and a mobilisation of everyone for the salvation of all. However, the political class remains divided and the authorities in power are doing nothing to put an end to the polarisation Turkey has been suffering from for the past several years. The political treatment of the health disaster in Turkey has been discussed already, but what about the religious treatment? Measuring the impact of this crisis on Islam on a daily basis and analysing the way Turkish religious authorities interpret this epidemic and respond to its consequences through in-depth research is our medium-term objective. The questions raised in this article are the starting point of this research.

Balci, Bayram. 2020. "Islam et gestion de la crise du Covid-19." Les Dossiers du CERI.

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