MiDi, Migration and Diversity

MiDi, Migration and Diversity, is a collective interdisciplinary initiative which brings together researchers from the different research centers of Sciences Po, around the issues of international migration and diversity.

The research collective brings together scientists from CERI, the CEE, the OSC, the Law School, the Department of History, the Department of Economics, CEVIPOF and LIEPP. The research that is done at Sciences Po on the subject covers very broad themes: migratory flows, right of asylum, borders, integration of immigrants, discrimination and inequality in the European and global contexts.

The MiDi research collective aims to unite researchers and boost current research. It makes scientific production more visible both inside, for the Sciences Po community, in particular students, and outside, for our institutional partners and to encourage cooperation in international projects. Thanks to this collective, Sciences Po is today a member of IMISCOE, a European federation of scientific institutions working on migration.

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