Codebook and research design
Here is the ResponsiveGov project’s codebook, including the appendices and guidelines for data collection (as of November 2014).
This document develops further key aspects of the research design, measurement strategy and data collection plans of the ResponsiveGov project.

The ResponsiveGov data matrix
Concerning the data produced by the project, here you can find the Empty data matrix of ResponsiveGov. This is the spreadsheet used by the individual coders to input data on each juncture/case. 
As a sample of the data that is being collected by the ResponsiveGov team, here is the excel file for the completed Fukushima juncture in Finland:

The nuclear energy juncture
Lühiste, Maarja and Laura Morales. ResponsiveGov Project: Complete Finland datataset for the Fukushima juncture(2011-2013). University of Leicester, 2014.

Inter-coder Reliability Scores
Here are the Inter-coder Reliability Scores for each policy juncture:
– Inter-coder Reliability Scores – All coders
– Inter-coder Reliability Scores – Fukushima Case
– Inter-coder Reliability Scores – Internet Case
– Inter-coder Reliability Scores – Banking Case (draft)