First steps

Your application has been accepted... What next?

Congratulations, you have been accepted to study at Sciences Po.

Once you've received your letter of admission, here are the six initial steps to take before the beginning of the academic year:

  1. Respond to the admissions offer sent to the email address you listed on your application. This email contains your student ID number and a temporary password which will allow you to connect to your student account online. You can then accept the offer, complete your registration and sign up for courses online.
  2. Access the different digital services offered by Sciences Po (Google Apps, WiFi, digital library resources, etc.). Your account access to all Sciences Po IT systems is automatically created the day after you accept our admissions offer. You will receive your login information by email. We strongly suggest you change your password as soon as possible.
    For more information, go to Authentication and login ID
  3. Complete your administrative registration.
  4. Complete your course registration.
  5. Learn about and enrol in orientation programmes (if necessary).
  6. If you are an international student, begin the administrative formalities required to obtain a visa.

We strongly encourage you to read the other sections of this online guide to help you prepare for life at Sciences Po.