Board of advisors

The Board of Advisors provides external advice on the School of Public Affair's strategy and curriculum, lending their international expertise to the success of the program and of our graduates.

The Board is led by Anne-Marie Idrac.

  • Idrac, Anne-Marie (President)
    Chairperson of Toulouse Airport,
    French former Minister of State for Transportation
  • Algan, Yann (Dean)
    Professor of Economics, Sciences Po
  • Anderson, Lisa
    President, University of Cairo
    former Dean of the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Columbia University
  • Azema, David
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Badre, Bertrand
    Management Director, World Bank
  • Bailly, Maud
    Head of the Department of economics, finance, business and digital, Office of the Prime Minister
  • Bassères, Jean
    President, French National Employment Agency
  • Blanchard, Olivier
    Economist, MIT Peterson Institute
    Former Chief Economist, IMF
  • Borraz, Olivier 
    Director of the Center for the Sociology of Organizations
    Professor of Sociology, Sciences Po
  • Boucault, Bernard
    Former Regional Prefect 
  • Destot, Michel
    Member of French Parliament
  • Durand, Martine
    Chief Statistician, OECD
  • Faugère, Mireille
    Chief Counsellor, French Court of Audit (Cour des Comptes)
  • Gandur, Jean-Claude
    Founder and Chairman, AOG private investment group
  • Gaymard, Clara
    President GE France, vice-president GE international
  • Guriev, Sergei
    Professor of Economics, Sciences Po
  • Hay, Colin
    Professor of Political Science, Sciences Po
  • Jaeger, Paul 
    Managing Director, Russell Reynolds Associates 
  • Labaye, Éric
    Director and chairman of the McKinsey Global Institute
  • Lamy, Pascal
    Former Director, WTO
  • Lazar, Marc
    Professor of History, Sciences Po
  • Loiseau, Nathalie
    Director, Ecole nationale d'administration
  • Pallez, Stéphane
    President and CEO, French National lottery games
  • Philippe, Édouard
    Mayor of Le Havre and Member of French Parliament
  • Pisani-Ferry, Jean
    French government Commissioner General for Policy Planning, Professor at the Hertie School of Governance
  • Steele, Claude
    Provost, University of California Berkeley 
  • Stirn, Bernard
    Conseil d'État
  • Tubiana, Laurence
    Director, Institute of Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI),
    President, French Development Agency (AFD) Board of Governors
  • Van Lerberghe, Rose-Marie
    Member of the High Judicial Council, Pasteur Institute
  • Wargon, Emmanuelle
    Director-General of Public Affairs and Communication, Danone
  • Woll, Cornelia
    Professor of Political Science, CEE-LIEPP and MaxPo,
    Vice President for Studies and Academic Affairs, Sciences Po
  • Xue, Lan
    Dean SPPM Tsinghua Beijing

Pedagogical Council

The pedagogical council assists the dean in the design of the curriculum, the choice and implementation of teaching methods, and the quality assurance process.

  • Auby, Jean-Bernard
    Professor of Law, Director of the chair Mutation de l’Action et du Droit Public (MADP)
  • Benamouzig, Daniel
    Professor of Sociology, Researcher at the CNRS
  • Benhamou, Françoise
    Professor of Cultural Economics (Paris 13)
  • Berrebi, Emmanuelle
    Deputy Head of risk investment, BNP Paribas
  • Bertrand Dorleac, Laurence 
    Professor of Art History
  • Bouniol-Laffont, Luc
    Director of the cultural service, Orsay Museum
  • Chatriot, Alain
    Researcher, CNRS
  • Burguin, Solenn
    Student representative
  • De Font-Reaulx, Dominique
    Director and Curator, Eugene Delacroix Museum
  • Dehousse, Renaud
    Professor of Law, Director of the CEE 
  • Foucault, Martial
    Professor of Political Science, Director of the CEVIPOF
  • Grossman, Emiliano
    Professor of Political Science, Sciences Po, CEE and LIEPP 
  • Latour, Bruno
    Professor of Sociology, Scientific director of the Medialab, Director of SPEAP program
  • Laude, Anne
    Professor of Law, Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University Paris Descartes
  • Lazerges, Romaric
    Partner, Allen & Overy LLP
  • Llorca, Bastien
    Deputy Director, Ministry of Economics and Finance
  • Meritet, Sophie
    Professor of Economics
  • Musselin, Christine
    Professor of Sociology, Dean of research at Sciences Po 
  • Palier, Bruno
    Centre d'Etudes Européennes, co-director of the LIEPP
  • Papalia, Antoine
    Student representative 
  • Perrotin, Vincent
    Adviser to the President and CEO of the French National lottery games
  • Postel Vinay, Karoline
    Senior Research Fellow, Sciences Po 
  • Rencki, Julien
    Advisor to Director-General of the French Treasury, former Head of the State Reform administration 
  • Rosental, Paul André
    Professor of History, Centre d’études européennes
  • Safi, Mirna
    Sociologist, Observatoire Sociologique du changement
  • Streho, Imola
    Professor of Law, Researcher at the CEE      
  • Tadjeddine, Karim
    Partner McKinsey & Company
  • Von Busekist, Astrid
    Professor of Political Science
  • Woll, Cornelia
    Professor of Political Science, CEE-LIEPP and MaxPo, Vice President for Studies and Academic Affairs, Sciences Po