Pierre Pénet

Docteur en sociologie
  • Pierre PénetPierre Pénet

Research Fellow, International History, The Graduate Institute Geneva
Tél. 312-315-5230

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puce Sujet de thèse

Calculating and Governing Risk in Times of Crisis: Credit Ratings and Sovereign Risk in the 1930s and 2010s
Directeurs de thèse
: Bruce Carruthers et Louis Chauvel
Double doctorat avec Northwestern University (Chicago)
Résumé de la thèse
Thèse soutenue le 24 november 2014. Membres du jury : Olivier Borraz, Bruce Carruthers, Louis Chauvel, Wendy Espeland, Michael Loriaux, Grégoire Mallard. Mention "très honorable avec félicitations du jury".

puce Dernières publications

- 2014 (with Grégoire Mallard),  “From Risk Models to Risk Contracts: Austerity in Greece as Governance by Other Means”, Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies, n° 1, p. 120-143.

- 2014 (article accepted for publication), Pierre Pénet and Kangsan Lee, “Prize & Price: The Turner Prize as a Valuation Device in the Contemporary Art Market”, Poetics, April 2014.

- 2013 Grégoire Mallard and Pierre Pénet, “Seeing Like a Rating Agency: Toward a Sociology of Prospection in Financial Worlds”, In: Financial Crises: Identification, Forecasting and Effects on Transition Economies, New York: Nova Publishers.

puce Dernières communications

2013, “Seeing Like a Rating Agency: the Constitution of Financial Uncertainties during the Greek Sovereign Crisis", Regimes of Calculation and Global Governance, Balsillie School of International Affairs, Waterloo, ON, Canada.
2012, “Inside the Shark Tank: The Turner Prize and the Valuation of Contemporary British Artists”, Culture & Society Workshop, Northwestern University.
2012, «Crises Financières, crises de l’information financière : Le cas de la notation de la dette souveraine», Approches Pluridisciplinaires de l’Économie, École Normale Supérieure, Paris. 
2011, "Multiple Correspondence Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling: Recent Transatlantic Developments in the Geometric School of Data Analysis" (with Brigitte Le Roux et Frédéric Lebaron), Statistical workshop (Northwestern University, Chicago, USA).
2011, "Fields and Markets of Cultural Production: Geometric Data Analysis in the French Tradition as a Tool for Representing Complex Data", Sociology Department (University of Lüneburg, Germany).
2010, The Blending of Taste: The Case of the French Field of Film Production" European Sociological Association Midtern conference (University of Surrey, England) & 30 years after "Distinction" conference (INHA, Paris, France)
2010, "Manufacturing Funeral Rituals in a Secular Age: Ethnographic Analysis in Two Funeral Homes in France" Ethnographic Workshop (Northwestern University, Chicago, USA).

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