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Marta Dominguez Folgueras

Associate professor en sociologie
  • Marta Dominguez FolguerasMarta Dominguez Folgueras

Tel : 01 45 49 54 33


Thématiques de recherche - Research Interests

Marta Dominguez Folgueras a rejoint l’OSC en tant qu’Associate professor en sociologie le 1er janvier 2013.

Son travail relève de la sociologie de la famille, de la sociologie de l’emploi du temps, et de la sociologie du genre. Ses recherches actuelles portent sur la formation de couples et sur les comportements au sein de la famille, en particulier sur la division des tâches domestiques et de l’attention aux enfants, avec un intérêt particulier sur les inégalités du genre.

As of January 1st, 2013, Marta Dominguez-Folgueras has officially joined the Centre for Studies in Social Change as an Associate Professor of Sociology. In 2007, she completed her thesis, Why Marry? A comparative Study of Union Formation in Spain, Germany and France, under the direction of Richard Breen and Teresa Castro-Martin at the Complutense University of Madrid.
Her work focuses on the sociology of family and gender and she contributes to Trans Parent, a European research program which studies the division of domestic duties among couples.
Marta Dominguez-Folgueras also teaches first and second year courses at Sciences Po, including the Introduction to Sociology and the Sociology of Family.

Dernières publications - Latest Publications

Logo Taylor & Francis- 2016 (with T. Jurado, C. Botia and P. Amigot), "The house belongs to both’: undoing the gendered division of housework", Community, Work, and Family, published online 8 June 2016. 

- 2015, "Parenthood and Domestic Division of Labour in Spain, 2002-2010", Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas, n° 149, p. 45-62.

– 2013 (avec María José GONZÁLES, Francesca LUPPI), “Expectativas de los hombres ante la paternidad en España”, In: Gøsta ESPING ANDERSEN, El déficit de natalidad en Europa. La singularidad del caso español, La Caixa coll. Estudios Sociales, n° 36, p. 149-176.

Logo Taylor & Francis– 2013 (avec Pau BAIZAN et Maria José GONZALES), “Couple bargaining or socio-economic status? Why some parents spend more time with their children than others”, European Societies, DOI: 10.1080/14616696.2013.859717, 3 décembre.

–  2013, "Cohabitation in Spain: No longer a marginal path to family formation", Journal of Marriage and Family, vol. 75, n° 2, p. 422-437.

 – 2012,  "Is cohabitation more egalitarian? The Division of household labor in five European countries", Journal of Family Issues, first published on November 16.

Enseignements - Teaching

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