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August 28, 2014



Mardi 9 septembre

Sciences-Po/ Banque de France Seminar

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Seminars and Conferences  

Why should you read Econ News?

Econ News is a weekly publication that seeks to inform first and foremost Sciences Po faculty members, researchers and students. But it also reaches out to a wider community - Sciences Po's Department of Economics' partners, esteemed visiting faculty and friends. It is THE means of keeping abreast of the Department's very rich and diversified scientific activities.

Sciences Po's Department of Economics hosts a variety of seminars that take place on a regular basis. They may be related to a specific research area, or seek to enrich interinstitutional or interdisciplinary collaboration or give doctoral students the opportunity to "test" their research in progress and hone their presentation skills.

Econ News' "Seminars and Conferences" section details these seminars as well as special talks and conferences.

NB For weekly seminars, Econ News will announce upcoming talks that take place from Thursday through to Wednesday of the following week. For more information concerning the Department's different seminars, please see below.

This week, we are pleased to annouce the first Sciences Po - Banque de France financial regulation seminar of the academic year 2014/15:

Sciences Po/Banque de France Financial Regulation Seminar

Tuesday 9 September 2014


The Sciences-Po/ Banque de France Financial Regulation Seminar

The next Sciences Po / Banque de France Financial Regulation Seminar "Banks and the Financial System: what regulation?" will host Christian Thimann (Member of the Executive Committee, Axa Group) on the theme:

"The Future of Insurance, between regulation and innovation"

The Seminar will also host Guillaume Plantin (Sciences Po) to give him the reply.

Date: Tuesday, September 9th - 17:00 at 19:00

Location: Sciences-Po, Department of Economics, 28 rue des Saints-Pères 75007 Paris - Amphi Caquot

Financial Regulation Seminars (Banque de France / Sciences Po) discuss issues on banking, financial systems and financial regulation. The objective is to confront the approaches and ideas of academics and practitioners. Tuesday, 17:00 - 19:00, once a month.

Seminar organized by Vivien Levy-Garboua (BNP Paribas), Robert Ophèle (Banque de France), Philippe Martin, Stéphane Guibaud (Sciences Po).

You will also want to check out the following seminars:

The Department Seminar

Monday seminars are Research seminars with a focus on the field of the speakers. Meetings with the seminar speakers are an important component of the department seminar. PhD students, in particular in their third or fourth year, must use this opportunity to talk about their work. Monday, 14:45 - 16:45.

Seminar organized by Koen Jochmans and Roberto Galbiati.

The Trade Seminar

Trade Seminars present recent works by French and foreign scholars about International trade and its frontiers with other fields. The seminar has become a major meeting point for trade economists in Paris. Consequently it is scheduled to have informal discussions between participants and the speaker at the end of the seminar. Tuesday, 14:30 - 16:00.

Seminar organized by Thierry Mayer (Sciences Po), Lionel Fontagné, Anne-Célia Disdier and Thierry Verdier (PSE).

The PEPES Seminar

Paris Empirical Political Economy Seminar is a forum for front-line research in applied political economy providing top international scholars in the field with the opportunity to present their work. The seminar also aims to provide a common platform in which researchers working in this field in the Paris area may come together. Thursday, 12:30 - 14:00.

Seminar organized by Quoc-Anh Do, Ruben Durante (Sciences Po), and Katia Zhuravskaya (PSE)

The Lunch Seminar

Lunch seminars are dedicated to presentation by doctoral students from Sciences Po and also for research in progress by academics at Sciences Po. Second and third year PhD students are strongly advised to present here their first or second thesis chapter. Friday, 12:30 - 14:30

Seminar organized by Siddartha Gordon.

Latest news  


The Department is pleased to announce the arrival of our first distinguished visiting faculty member for the academic year 2014/15: Swati Dhingra.


International Economics, Trade Policy, Industrial Organisation

Read more and visit her web page

Date: From September 1st to October 15th

Location: Department of Economics, 28 rue des Saints Pères, 75007 Paris - Office E409 (4th floor)

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Jobs and internships ads  

Since its inception Sciences Po's Department of Economics has been - and continues to be - very active in forging long-term partnerships to support its cutting-edge research activities and who provide exclusive internship and employment opportunities to the Department's graduate students.

These special employment offers are listed in the Econ News' "Job and Internship Ads" section.

Below these offers from our partners, the Department's faculty members, post doc researchers, PhD candidates as well as the Department's Master students will find a list of job, internship, fellowship, faculty position opportunities gleaned on a weekly basis from various international, specialised job boards.


A selection of job and internship offers by the department's partners


Alternanceship - HSBC - Assistant

If you are interested, you can apply on:

Real Estate Leasing France sector


Internship - Rothschild & Cie - Asset Management (Marketing)

If you are interested, you can apply on:

Asset Management

Other news


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