Incarceration and Law Enforcement in France (2016)

Project Directors: 

Affiliated Researchers: 

  • Aurelie Ouss (University of Chicago Crime lab)
  • Arnaud Philippe (IAST / Toulouse School of Economics)
  • Emeric Henry (Department of Economics Sciences Po)

This project obtained funding from LIEPP through the 2016 call for proposals.

This project has two main aims : (1) understanding how incarceration conditions affect the propensity to re-offend of former French inmates and (2) Understanding whether stricter crime control policies and in particular sentencing guidelines have a persistent effect on judicial decisions (i.e. judges’ culture) and thus may impact incarceration rates in the long run. In terms of public policies pperpective, this project will allow us to understand how we can reduce recidivism by manipulating incarceration conditions and how political decisions increasing the severity of the sentencing system impact on incarceration rates and on judicial decision making.

The project is at the intersection between economics, legal studies, criminology and sociology. All these disciplines share the same framework and methodology at the frontier. It will couple quantitative research (at the core of our project) with insights from qualitative field work on judicial decision making.