Administrative enrolment
Registration in the Reporting of Theses in Preparation
Submission, record, dissemination and archive
Confidential thesis
Online theses
National regulation
Mediation and conflict resolution

Consult  The Doctoral Thesis Charter


Administrative enrolment

The core mission of the administrative, social and grant assistance, and housing and disability service, is to welcome and support you in your education.

The administrative office is a required and indispensable gateway for students across all of Sciences Po’s university campuses: it assists with the administrative enrolment or re-enrolment process.

=> See the webpages of the Administrative service

Registration in the Reporting of Theses in Preparation (STEP) database

A successor to the Central Database for Theses in the Humanities and Social Sciences, STEP (Reporting of Theses in Preparation) is the professional interface devoted to the management of prepared theses in institutions.

This centralization allows the whole research community to have the most accurate knowledge possible on the state of research in a specific discipline, research field or subject area. 

=> Visit the STEP website

Every thesis must mandatorily be registered and tracked in STEP: a first time during the first year of enrolment, and then as often as necessary depending on changes that may be made over the course of the PhD; in the event that the thesis topic, thesis supervisor or university changes, you will need to fill out this form (.rtf format).
Once completed, the form must be submitted to the administrator of your doctoral program according to the terms specified in the document (two submissions are required: one electronically, and the other by mail).


Submission, record, dissemination and archive

After the defense

On the advice of the President of the jury the thesis may be reproduced in accordance with different sets of guidelines:

Thesis disseminated without corrections 

The Central Secretariat of the Doctoral School submits a printed copy and electronic file to the FNSP Library. No correction can be made if the jury does not request one on the defense slip.  
The printed version of your thesis is:

  • recorded in the catalogue of the FNSP Library
  • referenced in the collective catalogue for higher education and research (SUDOC)
  • internally searchable

Thesis disseminated after corrections requested during the defense

You have three months to submit a new printed copy of your corrected thesis and a new electronic file to the Central Secretariat of the Doctoral School.
After this deadline, in the absence of corrections, the thesis will not qualify for dissemination. The Central Secretariat of the Doctoral School will submit a printed copy and an electronic copy to the FNSP Library with a note indicating that it cannot be disseminated. Your thesis will be available for internal consultation at the library. 

Contact: Florence Avisse - Tel.: 01 45 49 72 30 - office 604, 1st floor, 199 bd Saint-Germain


Confidential thesis

In this case the thesis is not accessible.


Online theses

For more details on this subject, see the page on Disseminating your thesis online

National regulation

On 25 May 2016, the Minister of National Education, Higher Education and Research published:
=> a decree establishing the national framework for the training and terms required to award a national PhD degree


Mediation and conflict resolution

If difficulties or conflicts arise, the parties should seek an amicable resolution. The conflict resolution mechanism is managed by Sciences Po’s Doctoral School, which offers services to assist in the resolution of conflicts when they appear during the preparation of a PhD. The mediator’s task is to hear the opposing parties, bring them together to present their perspectives to one another and help them reach a resolution. The mediator does not have any authority beyond that with which the parties entrust him. It is strongly recommended that a mediator be used. Contact your administrator if needed.