Dean's Welcome

  • Bénédicte Durand, Dean of the College ©Thomas ArriveBénédicte Durand, Dean of the College ©Thomas Arrive

Dear Students,

Welcome to Sciences Po! We are thrilled to have you here among us at this beautiful university that you chose, and which chose you.

In Dijon, Le Havre, Menton, Nancy, Paris, Poitiers, or in Reims, you are about to begin a great personal and academic journey.

We hope for each of you the obtention of your first Sciences Po degree: the Bachelor of Arts.

This goal will require hard work, enthusiasm, curiosity, and intellectual honesty as well as the demonstration of all of the remarkable qualities that we have already seen in each of you.

Here at the College we will offer you an excellent multidisciplinary education in the social sciences and humanities. Within this framework, you will choose the path that best suits you.

The Civic Learning Program will enable you to get involved and to give back, and we will accompany you in this endeavor from your first year through your third.

In your second year, you will choose from among three majors: Economy & Society, Political Humanities, or Politics & Government. The third year abroad will allow you to complete your major while immersing yourself in other academic cultures and experiences, or even an internship.

We at Sciences Po are committed to providing you with a bedrock of knowledge and skills that will afford you every opportunity to pursue the graduate studies of your choice. Your three years at the College, and its Bachelor of Arts, will also provide you with formal recognition of your tried and tested understanding of human societies and our complex world.

The education provided by Sciences Po, rooted in humanistic values, will guide you throughout your professional and personal lives. We look forward to having that honor.

Wishing you each great success,

Bénédicte Durand