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Congratulations class of 2018!

See the highlights of the 2018 Graduation Ceremonies
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The President of the Republic of Estonia, the former President of the Human Rights League, the founding dean of the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford, the President of Publicis France, and most of all, passionate graduates with bright futures ahead -- the Graduation Ceremonies of 2018 were two extraordinary days of inspiration, celebration and pride. See the highlights in the video above.

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The speech of Kersti Kaljulaid, President of the Republic of Estonia and Guest of Honour

The speech of Ngaire Woods, founding dean of the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford, and Guest of Honour : 

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Who are our 2018 graduates ?

Graduation ceremonies take place June 29th and 30th
  • Director Frédéric Mion ©Laurent ARDHUINDirector Frédéric Mion ©Laurent ARDHUIN

Bright and committed students. Promising futures. Prestigious guests and inspiring speeches. Parents brimming with pride. For the closing of this academic year, the Sciences Po graduation ceremony will gather on Friday, 29th of June and Saturday, 30th of June 2018, nearly 2,400 graduates and their guests at the grand auditorium of the Maison de la Radio in Paris. So who are the graduates of the Class of 2018?

2,394 Graduating Students

  • From 7 Schools and 40 specialisations within different Master’s programmes
  • Nearly 300 are part of a Dual Degree programme (French and International)
  • 1,000 are international students and represent 95 different nationalities
  • 58% of the 2018 graduates are women

4 Ceremonies

As in 2017, no less than four graduation ceremonies will be held in the grand auditorium of Radio France. What we can expect: many inspiring speeches from graduates, our Director Frédéric Mion, Cornelia Woll, Director of Studies and Academic Affairs, and a multitude of guests of honor who embody our values and educational philosophy. But suspense: their names will only be revealed at the very last moment! Here is the programme for these two exceptional days:

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A New Master's in Luxury Marketing

For responsible luxury mindful of sustainable development
  • Place Vendôme, Paris ©Jose Ignacio Soto/ShutterstockPlace Vendôme, Paris ©Jose Ignacio Soto/Shutterstock

Starting in September 2019, the School of Management and Innovation is launching a new Master’s degree in marketing entitled “New Luxury & Art de Vivre”. Taught entirely in English, the aim of this new programme is to train high-level marketing managers to specifically master luxury and French art de vivre, with a refined understanding of the sector thanks to a strong background in the social sciences and a clear strategic vision of the new trends in that sector - digitalization and a drive towards social responsibility and sustainability issues.

The programme will host 25 French and International students from a wide variety of backgrounds. A previous degree in marketing is not required.

As part of the School of Management and Innovation’s approach to place the humanities and social sciences at the core of its programmes, "this Master’s aims to reconcile the study of social sciences with a vision of future trends in the Luxury industry,” says Marie-Laure Djelic, Dean of the School of Management and Innovation.

The programme is structured around two dimensions:

  • The societal and contextual dimension of luxury (its historical, geographical and cultural roots and its transformation through the evolution of consumption patterns, preferences, values and uses of new generations).
  • The impact of the digital revolution and the growing importance of issues of corporate and social responsibility and sustainable development within the sector.

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"Define success on your own terms"

Meet Justice Betty, 2018 Valedictorian
  • Director Frédéric Mion and Justice Betty ©Columbia UniversityDirector Frédéric Mion and Justice Betty ©Columbia University

The 2018 Columbia University Valedictorian is Justice Betty, a graduate of the Dual BA degree from Sciences Po and Columbia. Watch the speech she gave at commencement (beginning at 1:58:50) and read the interview of an inspiring young citizen.

You have just graduated Valedictorian with a Dual Degree from Sciences Po and Columbia. Can you tell us what has been the most impactful learning experience of your journey so far?

Joining the Dual BA Programme was one of the best decisions I have ever made. At Sciences Po, I learned that life is problématique, and Columbia taught me that there is no royal road. In the past four years, I experienced a great deal of personal and intellectual growth, found lifelong friends and enjoyed all that college should be and more. I chose the Programme for several reasons, but mostly because it would force me to go drastically outside of my comfort zone and explore the unknown. I had never been to France before or lived on my own, and knew very little about Reims. But, in taking this risk to move across the ocean, I, like many of my peers, cultivated a spirit of resilience, curiosity and confidence. Looking ahead, I will use these past four years as a reminder of the value of embracing the uncertain and the necessity of expanding one’s comfort zone whenever possible. 

What did you enjoy most about living and studying at Sciences Po in Reims and then at Columbia University in New York?

I loved our campus in Reims and the unique community we made ourselves. Friends quickly became family, and we studied together, travelled together and grew immeasurably close in two short years. Sciences Po is special in that the university brings together a collection of highly motivated students interested in the social sciences and committed to solving some of the world’s toughest challenges, but at the same time, the student body retains a diverse array of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and approaches. This reality fostered an ideal learning environment and a campus that felt like a home for me. 

When I moved to New York, Columbia’s twenty-four-hour libraries made me miss our beloved bibliothèque that closed at 20h00, and the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps was a drastic change from my former town that rests every Sunday. But, studying at Columbia was a perfect mix of collegiate experience with exposure to a world-class city. I was thrilled to get involved with a few of Columbia’s 500+ clubs and organisations, including Youth for Debate, a program that teaches public speaking skills to students in New York City high schools, and the Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs. Our classes would frequently venture outside of the uptown oasis with field trips to institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Opera. Living in New York also gave me the opportunity to go to the United Nations on two occasions as a representative of both Sciences Po and Columbia, intern for Arianna Huffington at her New York-based startup, and enjoy all that the great city has to offer with my friends from both of my universities. 

What advice would you give to someone who aspires to pursue this path or follow in your footsteps? 

Regardless of which path you choose, I think it is crucial to define success on your own terms and optimise for it, rather than try to maximise it. Although things can get hectic, take the time to reflect and figure out what makes you happy and fulfilled, and what you need to be more of your true self. Cultivating a sense of purpose will provide you with the fuel to persevere and overcome any roadblocks you may face, now and in the future. 

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Meet Robert Tindwa, recipient of the L'Oréal Excellence Award

  • Robert Tindwa ©Elisabeth Brunet / Sciences PoRobert Tindwa ©Elisabeth Brunet / Sciences Po

Robert Tindwa started as an undergraduate on the Sciences Po Reims Campus. Today he is a Master's student and the recipient of the L'Oréal Excellence Award Africa. Read the interview.

Tell us a little about your background. What are your aspirations?

I am half Zimbabwean, half Kenyan and I grew up in Zimbabwe. Before coming to Sciences Po as an undergraduate, I got my International Baccalaureate (IB diploma) at United World College in Swaziland, a small kingdom in Southern Africa. My long-term goal is to acquire the range of expertise and soft skills I will need to grow professionally, so I can use my skills in an enlightened and responsible way in the era of increasing digitalisation, globalisation and climate change-related challenges.

You chose to apply to the Europe-Africa programme on the Reims campus. Why is that, and what did you get out of it?

I chose the Europe-Africa programme for two main reasons.

First, the academic rigour and originality of the curriculum appealed to me. Euraf was a rare opportunity to complete a bilingual degree programme and learn a third language, not to mention the compulsory year abroad. Who would refuse such a great opportunity? It was also a chance to study important (and often delicate) issues objectively and from a long-term perspective. That was very important to me.

Second, I wanted to be surrounded by the sort of people who would be interested in this kind of programme. I knew I would learn a lot outside the classroom, especially with such a diverse student body. I certainly don’t regret my choice. I learned so much over the last two years, from the importance of teamwork to the need to develop and nurture your critical thinking skills. The experience also broadened my horizons and helped me get to know myself better. More importantly, I made some very good friends over the two years and I am proud to have been part of this exceptional, unique programme.

You have a scholarship from the L’Oréal Group for the duration of your Master’s programme. How will this help you with your studies? What relationship do you have with your sponsor?

I will be eternally grateful to L’Oréal for awarding me this scholarship. In terms of my studies, it has helped me gain perspective and given me a lot of prospects. I am currently doing a Master’s in Economics & Business at the School of Management and Innovation. The programme questions the role of business in today’s connected world. It is a great help for me to have the support of L’Oréal’s leaders, who truly embody the company’s values and vision. I believe that that kind of support and personal commitment play a key role in training tomorrow’s leaders.

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