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Parents, the other heroes of graduation day

  • Parents at the 2017 Graduation Ceremonies ©Sciences PoParents at the 2017 Graduation Ceremonies ©Sciences Po

On Friday, June 30th, and Saturday, June 31st, in the presence of their proud parents, Sciences Po celebrated the graduation of 2,404 students at the Maison de la Radio in Paris.

Given the diversity of the students, with the 2017 cohort comprising 150 nationalities, the event drew parents from all over the world. Watch the video in which the parents of these outstanding graduates reflect on their child’s journey and anticipate their future success.

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Financial aid for your housing

All students need to know about the C.A.F.
  • Piggy bank with sunglasses ©ShutterstockPiggy bank with sunglasses ©Shutterstock

The following information is important to keep in mind when filing for housing aid. 

  • You need to have a French bank account to receive benefits (you will be asked to provide your “Relevé d’identité bancaire” or “RIB”)
  • When you arrive in France, file for aid as swiftly as possible
  • Talk to your landlord: they will need to fill out a form and may help you with submitting some of the information pertaining to your lease
  • Appointments with your local CAF office: meetings can be scheduled online through your account; appointments are free and the individuals at the CAF office will be able to guide you through the process and provide you with any forms to be filled out. If you do not speak French, you may want to ask someone who does to join you.

Should you have any concerns or need more information, contact the student life advisor at your respective campus with your questions.

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Prepare for your move to France

Find information on housing at each campus
  • Moving house ©Maxx-Studio / ShutterstockMoving house ©Maxx-Studio / Shutterstock

Finding accommodation is a key step to take care of before arriving at Sciences Po. Given the urban locations of each of the seven Sciences Po campuses, various options are available. Below are general descriptions of the options available, as well as links to information specific to each campus. It is recommended that students act swiftly and find a place to stay well in advance of their arrival. 

New students preparing for their arrival to Sciences Po are encouraged to visit the following website.

Student Residences

Sciences Po does not offer on-campus housing. However, there are residences designated for students around most campuses, in which students can rent out a small studio or an apartment. These are popular given their convenience: they are often close to campus, include many amenities, and offer a chance for students to get to know each other. These residences are owned by agencies and have a manager on site. 


Private residences are available as well. Students can choose furnished or unfurnished apartments, and may choose to live alone or share a flat with other students. Private residences are oftentimes cheaper than student residences, even when accounting for gas and electricity costs, and more spacious. In addition, the administration on campus may have a list of offers and landlords or agencies to contact to find a place; otherwise, you may do an independent search. Oftentimes, first year students will take the apartments previously rented to second year students. 


Another option is to rent out a single room & bathroom from a local resident. Students would have the opportunity to live with French residents, which may prove to be a cheaper option. While there may be less privacy, students would be able to be more immersed in the French language and culture. In addition, there are organizations, such as Welcome2France, that can help arrange this sort of accommodation and put students in touch with French families.

Housing information for each campus


Le Havre






"Judge all people through the lens of a dance party"

Watch the graduation speech of Master’s student William Cox
  • William Cox, Graduate of Honour ©Sciences PoWilliam Cox, Graduate of Honour ©Sciences Po

On Friday, June 30th, graduation ceremonies took place for the Sciences Po Urban School and the School of Public Affairs at the Maison de la Radio in Paris. William Cox, who earned a Master’s degree from the Urban School, was named a graduate of honour and gave a speech at the ceremony.

Prior to entering the Master’s programme Governing the Large Metropolis, William pursued his undergraduate degree at Boston College in the U.S., studying at the School of Management from 2008-2012. He arrived in Paris in 2013, where he founded the literary publication Belleville Park Pages, and in 2015 he began his studies at Sciences Po. It was during the Master’s programme that William realised his vocation was exploring the consequences for democracy in major cities as a result of technological changes.

Listen to William’s speech, in which he discusses dance party empathy and how it could remedy the divisions and problems we face around the world today.

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Congratulations to our 2017 graduates!

The best moments from the ceremonies
  • Sciences Po Graduation 2017 ©Sciences PoSciences Po Graduation 2017 ©Sciences Po

The Executive Director of the International Trade Centre, a former Prime Minister, a data scientist, a Member of Parliament, and, above all, graduates following extraordinary paths... On Friday 30 June and Saturday 1 July 2017, in the main auditorium of the Maison de la Radio in Paris and in the presence of several prestigious guests, Sciences Po celebrated the graduation of 2,404 students from the 2017 cohort. Best of video.

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