One year Master's programmes: admission criteria

Admission to a One Year Master's programs is based on the evaluation of the candidate's academic background, combined with his professional experience. The motivation, the coherence of the professional project and the professional recommendations will be taken into account for admission decision.

Academic excellence

The academic background and the results obtained are essential factors in the selection process.

Please note that meeting the minimum grade point average does not guarantee an offer of admission. Consider that the other elements in the application are also taken into account. It is also possible to offer admission to an applicant who has a slightly lower average but whose application includes non academic assets which might compensate.

Here are some examples of the academic level expected:

Germany: 1.9/5

Brazil: 7.5/10

Cameroon: 15/20

Canada: 3.3/4 or 3.5/4.3

China: 85 per cent or 3.5/4

Colombia: 4.2/5

Ivory Coast: 14/20

France: 14/20

Italy: 28/30 (we also look at results from the exams)

Lebanon: 85 per cent or 3.5/4

Morocco: 15/20

Mexico: 9/10

Netherlands: 7.5/10

Russia: 4.5/5

Senegal: 15/20

Switzerland: 4.7/6 (save for HEI : 4.5/6)

UK: 2:1 Upper Second Class Honours. You need to attach an official university certificate testifying that you will obtain your diploma with upper second class honours.

USA or other countries that use the GPA system: 3.5/4

We ourselves calculate the average scores for those transcripts that do not indicate the cumulative general average score. We then take into account the grades obtained rather than the projected results.

The applicant's career path

The applicant must state what aspects of his/her personality or background have led him/her to make this choice.

The fit between the applicant's career plans and the training sought is evaluated in order to ensure that the prospective student stands to gain the most from it. It is important to us, and to the applicant, that we offer them the training and academic framework that they need.

The applicant must therefore clarify the reasons why they have chosen the given programme, what exactly are the aspects they find attractive and explain how Sciences Po would be an integral part of their plans.