Gender Equality in Decision-Making Positions : Assessing Progress (March 9th)

Gender Equality in Decision-Making Positions : Assessing Progress (March 9th)

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Part of the AXA Research Fund Expert Series

Gender equality is one of the most important transformations of the last century. Not only a matter of rights, gender equality also has positive consequences for economic growth and business. Although academic research on gender-related issues is growing in the field of social science, gender gaps and female under-representation in the labour market remain widespread throughout the world. Policy intervention is needed to push for the reduction of gender gaps in business and politics. During this webinar, we will assess progress in obtaining gender equality in decision-making positions in both business and government.

Webinar Guests :

  • Paola Profeta, Professor of Public Economics at Università Bocconi, Milano, and Coordinator of the Dondena Gender Initiative. 
  • Anne Boring, Head of the Women in Business Chair at Sciences Po, Paris, and Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  • Georges DesvauxChief Strategy and Business Development Officer and Member of the Management Committee of the AXA Group. 
  • Monika Queisser, Senior Counsellor to the Director of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Directorate and Head of Social Policy Division at the OECD, where she supervises and coordinates the work on social protection, social indicators, pensions, affordable housing and family policies.
  • Francesca Donner, The New York Times gender director and editor of In Her Words, a column at The Times covering politics, economics, business, health, culture and society through a gender lens.

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