The impact of the lockdown on the division of labor in households

  • Anne BoringAnne Boring

During the first lockdown, women reported spending more time on household chores and childcare than men. Two of the reasons for this difference are that:

  • More women are affected by the reduction of working hours than men, especially for childcare.
  • More women worked from home than men because of the occupations they hold.
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Listen to the Podcast “InPower” made by Louise Aubery

13th of October, 2020
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On the 13th of October, 2020, Anne Boring gave an interview for the "InPower" Podcast, directed by Louise Aubery. This was an opportunity to mention and discuss several researches carried out by the Women in Business Chair.


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Tackling unconscious biases

9th of October, 2020
  • "Elle active" forum with L'Oréal Paris"Elle active" forum with L'Oréal Paris

On Friday the 9th of October, 2020, Anne Boring participated in the ninth edition of the ELLE Active forum to address the subject of unconscious biases (linked to stereotypes, negative prejudices and preconceived ideas) that can generate discrimination. "We are used to associate men with scientific fields of study and women with the humanities, which can strongly influence the behavior of young women when they choose their career tracks, for example. If they think they can't succeed, they won't make the effort that would enable them to succeed," explains Anne Boring.

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Unequal access to financing

  • Access to financingAccess to financing

The unequal access to financing (from investors) between women and men entrepreneurs is a major reason why there are fewer women in entrepreneurship. Anne Boring, Director of the Women in Business Chair at Sciences Po, explains the different mechanisms which can lead to a significant funding gap in entrepreneurship.

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Can the glass ceiling be broken?

  • The glass ceilingThe glass ceiling

We now turn to the question of the "glass ceiling": what exactly does this term mean? How can it be broken? In this datavideo "Le Lab' " Anne Boring, Director of the Women in Business Chair at Sciences Po, explains why the higher you go up in the corporate hierarchy, the fewer women there are.

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