Comment combattre les biais insconscient (FR)

avec Anne Boring x France Invest

"Quel est l’impact des stéréotypes de genre, notamment dans l'entrepreneuriat et les carrières professionnelles ? Quels sont les biais inconscients qui s’appliquent aux femmes, entre autres dans la finance et lors de la création d’entreprise. Qu’est-ce que ces biais, sont-ils handicapant, comment en prendre conscience et les combattre ? "

"Les conseils d’Anne Boring, économiste, directrice de la Chaire pour l’entrepreunariat des femmes de Sciences Po, pour ELLE Active en association avec France Invest."

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MasterScience: Closing the Gender Gap in Business with Anne Boring

AXA Research Fund
  • MasterScience: Closing the Gender GapMasterScience: Closing the Gender Gap

While much progress has already been made in reducing gender inequality, there is still a long way to go. Income, child penalties and discrimination: women still have to fight on many fronts. Yet research has shown that solutions do exist and can be easily implemented. Alongside Anne Boring, discover how we could close the remaining gaps. "

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Hearing of Anne Boring at the French National Assembly

18th of November, 2020
  • Front view of the National AssemblyFront view of the National Assembly

On Wednesday the 18th of November, 2020, Anne Boring was auditioned as part of the information mission on economic and professional equality conducted by the Delegation for Women's Rights of the French National Assembly. This was an opportunity to present the work carried out by the Chair on the persistence of gender inequalities in the labor market and to answer the questions asked by the representatives of the National Assembly.

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The business case for gender diversity

  • The business case for gender diversityThe business case for gender diversity

More women in positions of responsibility = economic growth for the company? In this video, Anne Boring presents some arguments regarding gender diversity in business with

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The impact of the lockdown on the division of labor in households

  • Anne BoringAnne Boring

During the first lockdown, women reported spending more time on household chores and childcare than men. Two of the reasons for this difference are that:

  • More women are affected by the reduction of working hours than men, especially for childcare.
  • More women worked from home than men because of the occupations they hold.
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Unequal access to financing

  • Access to financingAccess to financing

The unequal access to financing (from investors) between women and men entrepreneurs is a major reason why there are fewer women in entrepreneurship. Anne Boring, Director of the Women in Business Chair at Sciences Po, explains the different mechanisms which can lead to a significant funding gap in entrepreneurship.

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Can the glass ceiling be broken?

  • The glass ceilingThe glass ceiling

We now turn to the question of the "glass ceiling": what exactly does this term mean? How can it be broken? In this datavideo "Le Lab' " Anne Boring, Director of the Women in Business Chair at Sciences Po, explains why the higher you go up in the corporate hierarchy, the fewer women there are.

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The choice of higher education

Few women in scientific fields
  • Choosing your higher educationChoosing your higher education

Gender inequalities start with the choice of higher education. Female and male students make different choices in terms of higher education. These imbalances have consequences on the labor market in terms of salary, position, and quality of employment. In this video, Anne Boring explains these differences in choices which begin with different choices of univerisities, fields, and specializations. 

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Why do women earn less?

Inequalities in the labor market
  • Work inequalitiesWork inequalities

Gender inequalities in the labor market have declined over the past 50 years. But since the 2000s this reduction in inequality has stopped. Today, on average, women earn 17% less than men. Why do women earn less than men? In this video, Anne Boring explains the persistent inequalities in the labor market. 

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Breaking down gender barriers

  • Axa Research Fund - Breaking down gender barriersAxa Research Fund - Breaking down gender barriers

Watch an interview of Anne Boring, Head of the Women in Business Chair: "Breaking down gender barriers" (FR). Video created by the AXA Research Fund, a partner of the Chair.

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