Sciences Po’s scholarship and emergency fund


Sciences Po is committed to fighting arbitrary violence and to upholding the European values of freedom and solidarity - values we must defend and promote in the face of the current international crisis. I am writing to you today to tell you about the actions we are taking and invite you to join us.  

Our first actions have obviously concerned our students. Our primary consideration has been to support some 60 of our students on a university exchange in Ukraine, Russia or one of the neighboring countries, all of whom have been urgently repatriated. We have also been assisting the 150 Russian and Ukrainian students currently studying on our campuses who are facing economic difficulties as a result of the crisis, and to whom we are providing exceptional financial support.

In addition, Sciences Po has decided to open its doors to Ukrainian and Russian students and researchers in exile. Our teams are now fully mobilized so that we can offer the greatest number of people a place to pursue their work in safety.

In order to carry out these actions with the speed and scope that this crisis requires, we need to strengthen our scholarship and emergency aid fund by at least €500,000. This will enable us to provide a one-year maintenance grant of between €10-15,000 to all displaced students who enroll, free of charge, in our programmes. Logistical and psychological assistance is already being offered to members of our student and research communities who are directly affected by the war.

You can play an important part by making a donation to Sciences Po’s scholarship and emergency aid fund

On behalf of our communities, and especially our students, I would like to express my deepest thanks for whatever help you can provide. Any and all support from you will be of the greatest help to us.

Mathias Vicherat, Sciences Po President

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