I support Campus 2022, I reserve my seat in Boutmy


The Émile Boutmy lecture theatre is Sciences Po’s historic lecture theatre and is central to the institution, from the everyday to the great moments in its history.

All Sciences Po students have had lectures and memorable moments there, and some even have a favourite seat.

Now Sciences Po is giving you, as a former student, the chance to reclaim your spot in the lecture theatre by having your name displayed on the back of a seat for a period of 10 or 99 years.

Do you have a friend or relative who also studied at Sciences Po? You might like to reserve two neighbouring seats. For larger groups—alumni associations or alumni of the same graduating class, for example—it is possible to reserve several neighbouring seats or even a whole row.

Whether or not you studied at Sciences Po, you can also choose to name a seat for a person who is dear to you and who did attend the university: a parent, child, friend, teacher, historical figure, etc.

The plaques are placed on the backs of the seats. They are engraved with the person’s full name and graduation year.

Your contribution to the “Save your seat in Boutmy” campaign will help build the Parisian campus of tomorrow.

Your gift will go to the Campus 2022 redevelopment plan that is fundamentally transforming the Paris campus on the eve of Sciences Po’s 150th anniversary and beyond.

Concentrated over the two hubs of 27, rue Saint-Guillaume and the new Artillerie architectural complex, our urban campus is destined to become one of the finest spaces in Europe to study, teach and build the future.

Choose your donation level

To name a seat, you just need to make a donation. The amount required depends on:

  • your seat’s location in the lecture theatre: four categories are available. 
  • the naming duration: you can name your seat for 10 years or for 99 years.
Category Plaque displayed for 10 years Plage displayed for 99 years
Platinum $9,000 $17,000
Gold $5,600 $11,500
Silver $4,000 $8,500
Bronze $1,700 $5,600

Reserve your seat

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