[Alumni SF] Data&Privacy, and Diversity in ad tech with Anne Bezancon


Join us for a conversation with Anne Bezancon ('85), Chief Operating Officer at Ericsson, Emodo

From the Minitel to Mobile Advertising, on a Harley!

Anne discovered her passion for technology when she helped develop the Minitel. She moved to the Silicon Valley in 1996, and has since started three companies and participated in the launch of two more. 

Anne believes in “ privacy and digital life ” and has been involved in defining the rule of law in regard to personal data collection and use, especially as mobile phones are quickly becoming the main Internet channel. 

As part of the very few female leaders in ad tech, Anne also has some thought-provoking ideas on how to define diversity , why diversity matters, and how diversity hiring can improve everything from company culture to product usability and bottom lines.