The Geneviève McMillan- Reba Stewart Foundation Scholarship


We are pleased to announce a major endowment gift of $1,000,000 on behalf of the McMillan-Stewart Foundation to the Sciences Po American Foundation. The donation will be dedicated to supporting students from Sub-Saharan Africa who are studying at Sciences Po.

Since 2010, the McMillan-Stewart foundation has partnered with Sciences Po to create pathways for exceptional students from the Sub-Saharan region to study in France.  To date, nine laureates have been awarded the Geneviève McMillan Scholarship, full-tuition grants to pursue a degree at Sciences Po. The foundation’s latest gift allows Sciences Po to renew scholarship program for many years to come.

The McMillan-Stewart Foundation’s gift emboldens the university’s commitment to the African continent. In 2011, Sciences Po established the Euro-African Program in the College Universitaire, which hosts more than 200 students per year studying the region and its relations with Europe and the world. Across programs, university has expanded scopes of focus to encompass the region, including through the “Africa” concentration in PSIA, the “African Cities” degree in the Urban School, and a dedicated Executive Education program. In the past 5 years, the number of students from the African continent studying at Sciences Po has increased by more than 50 percent. The McMillan-Stewart Foundation’s gift will allow university to continue to attract exceptional talent to study at Sciences Po.

The McMillan-Stewart Foundation was established by Geneviève McMillan, who studied at Sciences Po in 1946. Deeply committed to economic and social justice, Geneviève created her foundation in 2005, supporting numerous initiatives in education, the arts, and peace and justice. Since her death in 2008, the foundation has carried on her legacy by supporting students at Sciences Po and across the globe.

The McMillan-Stewart Foundation is based in Boston, United States. On November 12, Director of the McMillan-Stewart foundation and Geneviève’s niece, Catherine Gobet Lalanne, attended a soirée in Paris to celebrate the generous gift. Many past laureates were in attendance.