Gregory Hrycaj ('16): from Sciences Po to Analog Devices

Gregory Hrycaj is a graduate of the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs. In 2016, he obtained his MA in European Affairs and returned to the United States to launch a career with Analog Devices, a global leader in the production of semiconductors.

Originally from North Carolina, Hrycaj spent six years in Europe, accumulating degrees that, traditionally, might not lead a graduate into the semiconductor industry. However, Hrycaj sees his social sciences degree as an advantage in his field.

“Studying the Master of European Affairs afforded me an incredible base to successfully work in an interdisciplinary environment and understand the needs of multiple actors within the same location,” Gregory said. “The additional focus on Economics in the second year of the Masters has helped me also to put more emphasis on analyzing and understanding the data I work with on a daily basis.”

As a Product Planner, Hrycaj works across functions to manage different product lines, including anything from financial forecasting to client interfacing. He calls the work environment at Analog multi-faceted because the office brings manufacturing, testing, stock, engineering, and general management together into one place.

“I enjoy the broad range of business functions that I am a part of,” Hrycaj said. “Every day can bring a new challenge.”

From Sciences Po to Analog Devices, Hrycaj is developing a foundation that he will leverage throughout his career. He sees his role with Analog as an opportunity to develop skills that are applicable across many business environments. Spanning from raw material to finished good, the role with Analog is a window into the complexity of the production cycle.

“I believe that every piece of experience builds on itself and prepares us to be more agile and knowledgeable for the future”

And in line with his experience, Hrycaj offered a piece of advice for current students preparing to face the professional world:

“Never be afraid to look for a career which is not directly related to your degree. The experience and insight which you gain working in an environment or discipline which you may not have previously considered can help you achieve new goals and new heights.”

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