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There are a number of opportunities for Alumni to become involved in the Sciences Po American Foundation’s activities. Becoming a part of the community can mean as little as attending or volunteering at an event, to as much as joining the Alumni Committee.

Below are some of the ways in which Sciences Po American Foundation relies on Alumni:

Promote Sciences Po

How could you describe Sciences Po:

  1. An international academic experience. All courses at Sciences Po are taught with an international perspective (410 partner universities, 34 international dual degrees and several programs entirely in English)
  2. A multicultural environment. At Sciences Po, nearly half of the students are international, representing 142 countries. 
  3. Access to a wide range of professions. Valued by recruiters for their adaptability, curiosity and international outlook, 80% of Sciences Po students work in the private sector. Nearly 90% of graduates find work within 6 months of finishing their studies. Sciences Po graduates exercise a wide range of professions, with a concentration in consulting, banking and public administration.
  4. Acess to thought leaders. Sciences Po is a place of debate where major figures in politics, economics, the arts and media come to exchange with students. These figures include Ban Ki-Moon, Kofi Annan, President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, Condoleeza Rice, Joseph Stiglitz or Mario Draghi.
  5. Building a broad understanding of the social sciences & Developing critical thinking skills. History, economy, law, political science, sociology: Sciences Po's academic project is to foster dialogue between the major disciplines. 

Hire Sciences Po students and young graduates

If you are looking for interns or future employees, our guide 'Recruit at Sciences Po' will provide the relevant information about our students, the careers we train them for and how to leverage this great pool of talent to meet your recruitment needs.

Do not hesitate to post your offers (internships and job for young graduates) on Sciences Po Service Carrières Website.

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