David Gritz Scholarship

The David Gritz Scholarship was created to honor the memory of David Gritz, a student killed in a terrorist attack at Hebrew University of Jerusalem on July 31, 2002. 

Created in 2012, the David Gritz Scholarship’s original purpose was to attract the best, brightest and most deserving Israeli students to help them pursue their post-graduate education in Paris by awarding one applicant each year a US$15,000 scholarship to be applied against Sciences Po’s tuition fees.

Since the first campaign a total of three Israeli students have been awarded the David Gritz Scholarship, including one young man and two young women.

The first laureate graduated in 2015 and is pursuing a diplomatic career and is currently posted in Paris. The second laureate is Associate Marketing Manager at LinkedIn. The third is looking forward to the second year of her program and cites the quality of the teaching at Sciences Po and its extremely intellectually stimulating environment.

Without question, the David Gritz Scholarship has helped talented individuals go on to secure rewarding professional opportunities. Nonetheless, it is equally clear that we need to expand the pool of talented Israeli students beyond those who apply for post-graduate studies. 

Beginning in 2017, we will broaden access to the David Gritz Scholarship by extending its eligibility to include undergraduate and graduate Israeli citizens who wish to study at Sciences Po. 

David Gritz Scholarship Spotlight

Agathe Sarfati, the 2015 David Gritz Scholarship recipient states, after completing her first year of Master.

This year in Paris has been very intense. I have had the opportunity to focus on core fields in international security notably on the different branches of international public law, on intelligence and security giving me keys to better understand contemporary debates. In only few months, I have improved my critical thinking,  sharpen my arguments and deepen my understanding of complex issues. Not to forget that I have started to learn Arabic! I have also been volunteering as a French teacher to refugees in Paris thanks to the "Sciences-Po refugees help" association. This volunteering program has anchored my passion in reality.  
The richness of PSIA, thanks to its student body as well as to the quality of the teaching, has created an extremely intellectually stimulating environment that I am honored to be part of. 

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