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Redesigning our urban campus
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A new chapter in Sciences Po's history

In 2022, Sciences Po will celebrate its 150th anniversary and the opening of the new Artillerie site. In a history punctuated with creative innovations, this is a transformation as fundamental as the transition to five years of study, the establishment of six satellite campuses or the Equal Opportunity programme. The plan, named Campus 2022, is not only an architectural challenge; it is a complete renewal.

An open university in the heart of the city

With this new 14,000 m² site, Sciences Po will be able to cater optimally to more than 10,000 students and 200 faculty members in the middle of the capital and, in doing so, consolidate its historic grounding in the heart of Paris. Campus 2022 will be better organised and more coherent, streamlined over four sites around the historic buildings at 27, rue Saint-Guillaume and the new Artillerie site. It will be a campus fit for research that explores the world’s complexity, for a university that takes part in democratic debate and educates decision-makers with a concern for the common good.

A campus to attract talent from around the world

The Artillerie site offers Sciences Po an exceptional opportunity to drive the current educational revolution, thanks to new, open, innovative spaces designed to stimulate creativity, compare ideas and encourage experimentation. This world-class urban campus worthy of one of Europe’s leading research universities is destined to attract top faculty and students from around the world.

Sciences Po, a stakeholder in the education revolution

The current education revolution is driven by the confluence of two factors: desire and technology. The desire for self-directed learning can now harness the fantastic power of digital technology, which makes information available and facilitates the circulation, sharing and rapid development of knowledge. The role of the research university is changing: it’s about bringing together a learning community which puts that knowledge into perspective and makes its meaning shine through. It’s about breaking down barriers between the disciplines to understand an increasingly complex and dynamic world and to produce new perspectives. It is more than ever about learning to learn. Higher education must equip students with new skills suited to the jobs of the future: creativity, the ability to collaborate and to put one’s ideas into practice. Building on a tradition of pedagogical innovation and freedom, Sciences Po wants to contribute to this revolution by allowing innovative learning methods and practices to emerge. Thanks to its educational approach, Sciences Po has the opportunity to be at the forefront of several key aspects of the current revolution: breaking down barriers between disciplines and communities, a firm grounding in the professional world, learning through practice, and connection to learning resources. Such an ambition can only be realised by inventing a new decompartmentalised urban campus; a platform for multidisciplinary research and teaching, engaged with the wider community. This vision is perfectly in line with the Sciences Po 2022 strategic plan.

A redesigned campus district

The Artillerie is a chance to rethink all of Sciences Po’s sites in Paris, with different educational functions depending on students’ study path. The project is a unique opportunity to improve urban planning around the consolidated Sciences Po campus: pedestrian areas to better manage student flows, improved access for disabled students, effective signage and innovative street furniture. The academic soul of Saint-Germain-des-Prés will be brought to the fore in relation with the district’s other institutions.

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