Alumni Community

The Alumni Committee seeks to foster the community among Sciences Po graduates, and former students generating a valuable and powerful international network anchored in the United States. Alumni activities operate under the umbrella of the American Foundation which works closely with Sciences Po.

We have hubs in Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

The Alumni Committee creates networking opportunities by organizing cultural and social events, debates and other academic and business activities.

Alumni Portraits

  • Michael Allegretti, We as businesses need to continually update, how are we helping to solve real problems? [august 2020]
  • Anthony Aslou, analyst with the U.S. Department of State [april 2019]
  • Thierry Bernard: “With challenges and changes come opportunities.” [august 2020]
  • Valentine Bleicher, transactional attorney for Mayer Brown LLP [october 2019]
  • Abby Butkus, the dynamics of international development [july 2020]
  • Max Bouchet, research analyst at the Brookings Institution [july 2019]
  • Nathalie (née Estival) Broadhurst, "It's at Sciences Po I decided to become a diplomat" [may 2020]
  • Stéphanie Cardot, a Sciences Po entrepreneur and concierge [october 2019]
  • Hannah Cooper: “I feel deep commitment and attachment to Sciences Po” [september 2020]
  • François Delattre, secretary General of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs [july 2019]
  • Sophie Durey, co-founder of Twin Peaks Family [april 2019]
  • Evan Epstein, Silicon Valley by way of Sciences Po [july 2020]
  • Jennifer Famery-Mariani: The Tribeca Art World by way of Sciences Po [december 2020]
  • Maëlle Gavet, COO of Compass: "We need engineers who can both code and read the Economist. We need engineers obsessed with transforming society" [july 2019]
  • Delphine Halgand: "I had a journalist's DNA" [september 2020]
  • Gregory Hrycaj, from Sciences Po to Analog Devices, a global leader in the production of semiconductors [july 2019]
  • Antoine Heuty, founder of Ulula [october 2019]
  • Rohan Kocharekar, Resident Fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in Boston [april 2019]
  • Maud Leclair: From Rue Saint-Guillaume to the Met Steps [september 2020]
  • Anne-Claire Legendre, I received the tools I needed to become a diplomat [august 2020]
  • Larry Loeb, an American Abroad in CDG's Paris [may 2020]
  • Samuel Miles, Sciences Po and the sustainability transition [may 2020]
  • Kayvan Noroozi: Re-thinking Intellectual Property [december 2020]
  • Michel Perez, from his US dream to fighting money laundering [april 2019]
  • Anne Picq, at the intersection of the arts and social enterprises [october 2019]
  • Noelle Pourrat: “Our degree of success in working and collaborating together is going to define what the 21st century looks like” [december 2020]
  • Adam Romanov, the Canadian in the BDE [may 2020]
  • Michael Strauss: “Take the risks when they present themselves.” [december 2020]
  • Arnaud Tesson: Sciences Po taught me to ask the right questions [december 2020]
  • Pauline VermareSciences Po and the politics and power of the image [july 2020]
  • Arianne Ville, a sociologist meets Silicon Valley [february 2020]
  • Benoist de Vimal, How Sciences Po helped his career take flight [july 2020]
  • Kenneth R. Weinstein, from the Latin Quarter to Washington's Corridors of Power [february 2020]
  • Scott Wilson, an uncommon path for commercial litigators and white collar defense attorneys at major U.S. law firms [february 2020]
  • Krystal Wilson Azelton: “People do not realize how integrated space is into their lives” [december 2020]
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