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Pre-College Programme
  • Studying at the Sciences Po Campus in Reims


    Probably the thing I like the best about Reims…


    What do I enjoy about living in Reims….?


    I enjoy living in Reims because it’s a big city, but it’s not too big so that you would feel lost in there… It’s cozy, it’s cute.


    The city of Reims is really good to learn to live on your own because it’s big enough to have cinemas and theatres, while being not too big.  You’ve got the campus, which is where you have all the academics and student life, but you can still go out to Place d’Erlon to take a drink, or go to the cinema.  You also have Paris by train.


    Reims is a very historical city, there are a lot of historical buildings and places to see.


    The cathedral, in particular, I never get tired of looking at it.  Outside of my bedroom window, it’s right there.


    I feel like if I were in Paris, for example, I would get sort of lost in everything.  It’s quite overwhelming.  But in Reims, because it’s such a cozy city, I really feel like I’m a part of a French city.


    What makes this campus unique is the mix between the historical, 17th century Jesuit college and the modern facilities that are mixed with it.  That creates a very comfortable and spacious environment to study in, but the historical site is still preserved, so it’s really beautiful.


    I am a particular fan of the old library.  You walk in and you realize you’re just a small blip in the long, long history of this campus.


    Here at Sciences Po we have the opportunity and the chance to have teachers who come from everywhere in the world.  Sciences Po is an international school, I mean the figure says it: 46% of the students are international students.  Here at Reims it’s easy to measure that.


    Everyone is from a different part of the world, even from multiple parts of the world.  It’s an incredibly international environment.


    Studying at Sciences Po in Reims is really special because you’re living in a city with so much history and culture, while at the same time you’re part of Sciences Po, carrying on its traditions and its student experience. It’s incredible to be a part of it.

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  • Cour des Pères, Reims Campus (photo: Vincent Watel)Cour des Pères, Reims Campus (photo: Vincent Watel)

"I enjoyed the opportunities to explore French culture and I liked the historical feeling of both Reims and Paris, and felt a strong presence of arts and culture in France." - Cindy, Canada

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The Pre-College Programme is designed to be an immersive and holistic experience for participants, and for them to live the College experience as a group. For the time of the programme, participants study, live and explore France together. They share not only classes, but also activities, meals, outings, weekend trips, etc.

Students have the chance to live in both Reims and Paris and study on two of Sciences Po’s most beautiful campuses.

The first week of the programme takes place on the Reims campus of Sciences Po, housed in a former Jesuit college from the 17th century. Located in the historical heart of the city, this remarkable site has been restored to mix traditional architectural elements with state-of-the-art amenities.

During the last week of the programme, students have the opportunity to live in Paris, explore the city, and attend classes on the Sciences Po Paris’ flagship campus.


While the academic programme is intense, the Pre-College Programme makes time for extracurricular activities.  After classes and on weekends, participants have time to have fun and explore their surroundings. The activities programme ranges from cultural visits and weekend excursions to social activities and sports. 

A medium-sized city with a rich history, Reims is an ideal location for students seeking an immersive experience in French life and culture. For over a thousand years, Reims served as the coronation site of the French monarchy and boasts an impressive architectural heritage, from its renowned cathedral to its world-famous vineyards and Art Deco architecture. 

During their time in Paris, students go on excursions in the city, participate in cultural activities, and visit Parisian landmarks. They get the chance to see the capital from its best vantage point during a Seine river cruise, to admire some of the masterpieces of art history in Paris’ many museums, and to walk around the capital’s historical neighborhoods.


All participants stay together during the programme. Students are lodged in shared rooms (with students of the same gender), together with Summer School counselors, in residences located near campus in both Paris and Reims.

Meals are provided by the Summer School, on campus and off campus.


Participants are responsible for organizing and reserving their transportation to and from Paris. For students flying to Paris, the Summer School team will meet them upon arrival at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. Another meeting point may be set up for students already present in Paris, or arriving through another means of transportation.

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to leave directly from the residence, or will be accompanied to the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.

The exact timing and details for pick-ups is defined during the registration process.

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