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Online Learning

Cultivating Curious Minds
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Every year the Sciences Po Summer School brings together curious minds, who are keen to expand their knowledge of the social sciences through intense coursework, and to expand their perspectives through international friendships. Driven by the challenge to innovate during an unprecedented time, our team has sought to transform our University Programme and Pre-College Programme to meet the growing demands for online learning.

Students, graduates and professionals from around the world can now participate in the Sciences Po Summer School from the comfort of their homes and continue to have access to internationally renowned professors, while connecting to an international online community.

Learning Online Together 

Building on the success of last year’s online offering, the Summer School has developed an expertise in online education and continues to adapt to an evolving educational landscape. In 2021, we welcomed over 150 students representing 37 different nationalities for the online session of the University Programme, while the Online Pre-College Programme gathered together 140 students from over 29 nationalities and representing over 25 countries. Last year the Summer School also transitioned into a different season with the launch of the very first Winter School, providing over 100 students the opportunity to experience a new online winter session of the University Programme.

Although the online courses are certainly intense, creating connections and lasting friendships with classmates from around the world is also a key component of the Summer School experience. Through the exchange of ideas and perspectives, students learn about local and international issues in various countries and continents.

Innovative Pedagogy

What is it that makes the Sciences Po Summer School so appealing to curious minds? Sciences Po’s reputation for academic excellence is often top of mind, but it is the Summer School’s commitment to an innovative pedagogical approach, coupled with a transformative interpersonal experience, that leaves a lasting impression on all participants. Our innovative pedagogical approach is based on three pillars: Interdisciplinarity, the link between theory and practice, and internationalization. These pillars are incorporated into our online course offerings in June and July. Students can delve into a fundamental subject of the Sciences Po curriculum by taking one core course of intensive study in areas such as international relations, political science, economics, history, and more.

Pre-College Online Session: World Climate Negotiations Bootcamp

For the first time, the Summer School is offering high school students the opportunity to participate in an online course focused on developing their negotiation skills, as well as introducing them to climate change issues and international relations.

Through this negotiations bootcamp, students will learn about international relations theories and then put them into practice right away with role-playing exercises that include interactive rounds of simulation. Students will be able to combine theoretical insights shared by their professors with collective group work to put their practical experience into perspective. Learn more about the World Climate Negotiations Bootcamp.

University Programme: Online Courses in the Social Sciences Track 

The Summer School will be offering a selection of courses online in June and July in order to allow participants from all over the world to study at Sciences Po this summer.These online courses in the social sciences track will allow students to delve into a fundamental subject of the Sciences Po curriculum. Students can choose one core course of intensive study, which takes the form of 36 contact hours per month. Areas of study include international relations, political science, history and human rights.

The following courses in the social sciences track will be offered online this summer:

June Session:

July Session:

Connected Coursework in an Interactive Environment 

Today, students demand for online learning that goes beyond streaming and recorded sessions. Our online courses provide an exclusive experience in a live, synchronous format to allow for students and professors to participate in interactive discussions and debates. Courses are organised in small-group, interactive seminars that are held in 2 to 3-hour time slots and that accommodate various time zones around the world. The seminars include lectures, group sessions and presentations. Class sizes are capped to allow for more intimate interactions and for the opportunity to forge connections through small groups. Students also have access to all of Sciences Po's learning and research tools via their student account, which gives them full access to the online resources of Sciences Po's library.

Curious to learn more about our online courses and our international community at Sciences Po?

Check out our course offerings and apply soon!

Application Deadlines 

University Programme

  • June session: April 14th, 2022
  • July session: May 12th, 2022

Pre-College Programme

  • Online session: May19th, 2022

More from our professors about online learning at the Sciences Po Summer School: 

Professor Emanuele Ferragina is teaching the online course "Fighting Inequalities and Social Risks in the 21st Century: A Global Perspective" for the June session of the University Programme.

“It was a fantastic experience. The fact of meeting up every day built a good sense of community. While, I understand that online teaching cannot always replace our traditional way of working, it has some considerable advantage. I think online teaching allows students who are less comfortable to speak publicly to participate more. Honestly, it never happened to me while teaching traditional classes, to have a group of 25 students so involved. The mixture of discussions and the use of the chat made the course incredibly lively, definitely a great experience!”

Here’s our most recent interview with Emanuele to find out more about his approach in addressing these issues and what you can expect to learn in his online courses!

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