Scenes from Summer

Scenes from Summer

2018 Pre-College Programme
  • 2018 Pre-College students on the Reims campus (photo: Caroline Fauvel)2018 Pre-College students on the Reims campus (photo: Caroline Fauvel)

In July 2018, 101 students from around the world came to Sciences Po to participate in the second edition of the Pre-College Programme.

Check out a collection of summer snapshots by visiting the 2018 Pre-College Programme photo album.

Here are some highlights from their experience with the Summer School:

Discovering university life

Students devoted three weeks in July to the intensive study of social sciences, with elective courses in French language or a social sciences discipline. Through a combination of Master Classes and tutorials, students delved into Sciences Po’s core subjects, such as international relations and political science through discussion of current events and major world issues. Through the mentorship of Sciences Po professors and researchers, students were introduced to higher education methodology and challenged to meet university standards during their final group presentations. They also had the chance to study on Sciences Po’s exceptional historical campus in Reims and on the flagship Paris campus.

Meeting international students

With participants coming from various global backgrounds and perspectives, the Pre-College Programme is truly an international experience.  Reflecting the multiculturalism of the entire Sciences Po community, the 2018 student cohort represented 37 different nationalities and 32 countries of studies - from France, China and the USA to Italy, Malaysia, Ivory Coast, India and Turkey.

Attending Master Classes

Students attended six conferences led by Sciences Po professors and researchers, to discuss current issues such as international law, migration issues, peace-building and sustainable development. Learn more about the 2018 Master Classes.

Exploring France

While the academic programme was intense, the Pre-College Programme made time for extracurricular activities. Weekdays were spent in the city of Reims, where students toured by day the renowned Reims Cathedral, built in 1275, and attended the Cathedral light & music show by night.

Students spent the first weekend of the programme in the charming city of Strasbourg -- classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site -- in Eastern France. Students had the special opportunity to visit the Council of Europe, one of Europe’s largest and most reputable international organizations working to support human rights and democratic governance. Students strolled past picturesque half-timbered houses through the Vieux Centre, celebrated Bastille Day on July 14th in solidarity with the locals, all while discovering  the Franco-German relations that serve to shape the city’s multicultural heritage.

During the final week in Paris, the group went on excursions through the Catacombs, came face to face with some of the world’s most magnificent impressionist art in the Musée d’Orsay, toured the exquisite Notre Dame Cathedral and discovered the surrounding Latin quarter, one of Paris’s most quaint and historic neighborhoods.

Read what 2018 Pre-College alumni have to say about their experiences:

Laura, Brazil

"My classes were amazing. By the end of the classes, I was astonished by everything that I learned. The professors were incredible!"

Elisa, France & Greece

"Sciences Po has been a great opportunity to discover what I truly want to do after my studies. Also, people here come from different backgrounds, and getting to know their cultures, values, political opinions, or simply their opinions on life is amazing."

Lina, Sweden

"What I liked most about being in France was getting to know the locals, interacting with them, and getting an idea of what it would be like to actually live and study here in the future."

Jui-Lin, Taiwan

"I loved being able to understand a European perspective on global politics. I also met so many peers from a wide range of different countries, which was very eye-opening."

Lounis, France & Morocco

"I met with people from all over the world: there were 5 different languages being spoken at the dinner table. During 3 weeks, I made friends that I am sure will be for life."

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