Fighting Poverty

Présentation de cours du programme universitaire

Fighting POverty: Issues and Policies

  • Professeures : Flore Gubert et Anne-Sophie Robilliard
  • Session : juillet
  • Langue d'enseignement : anglais
  • Nombre d'heures de cours : 36
  • Prérequis académique: Validation préalable d'un cours univeristaire de microéconomie.

Télécharger la présentation 2020 du cours "Fighting Poverty: Issues and Policies" (pdf, en, 234 KB)

Objective of the Course

The objective of this course is two-fold. First, to review the issues around the measurement and understanding of poverty from a development economics angle. Second, to present the policies that have been designed and implemented to reduce poverty.


The goal of this course is to present the main topics studied in the field of development economics around the challenge of reducing poverty. While addressing global issues, the course focuses on their microeconomic dimensions, with a strong emphasis on measurement issues and how quantitative evidence is produced and used to support arguments and policies. 

The course is intended for students who have taken at least one university course in microeconomics. It requires a willingness to understand the economics approach to poverty issues as well as a taste for the quantitative approach, but will not go into the discussion of models and equations.

Organization of the Course

The course is organized in 12 three-hour sessions. Each session will combine a lecture and a seminar that will take the form of a discussion around the topic presented.

The topics will be:

  1. Measuring Poverty
  2. Poverty and Growth
  3. Poverty and Inequality
  4. Poverty Reduction Policies
  5. Human Capital: Health and Education 1
  6. Human Capital: Health and Education 2
  7. Human Capital: Health and Education 3
  8. Access to Land and Property Rights
  9. Access to Credit and the Promise of Microfinance 1
  10. Access to Credit and the Promise of Microfinance 2
  11. Savings and Insurance 1
  12. Savings and Insurance 2

Main Professor Biography

Flore Gubert is a researcher at the French Institute of Research for Development (IRD), currently assigned as a research economist at DIAL, an IRD / University Paris-Dauphine research center on development economics and international Economics in Paris. She is also an affiliate member of the Paris School of Economics. She received a PhD in Development Economics from the University of Clermont-Ferrand in 2000. Her research focuses on migration issues, with a strong focus on the migration and development nexus in Western Africa. In particular, she has been coordinating two projects on Senegal, one examining the link between migration and development using matched data on Senegalese migrants and their origin households in Senegal and the other focusing on the political and economic impact of collective remittances.

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