Challenging Societies with Gender

Présentation de cours du programme universitaire

Challenging Societies with Gender

  • Professeure : Hélène Périvier
  • Session: juillet (cours électif)
  • Langue d'enseignement : anglais
  • Nombre d'heures de cours : 24

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Objective of the Course

The course aims to describe gender inequalities by analyzing the persistence and the specificity of this phenomenon. Particular attention is paid to linking academic knowledge and policymaking process through interactive case studies and practical dilemmas such as: Are you gender biased? What a gender equal society would/should look like? Or Does the gendered marketing of toys matter? Talking about series and gender: from Game of Thrones to The Handmaid’s Tale…The ultimate goal of the course is to identify major challenges faced by societies in terms of gender equality.


All societies are characterized by sex, gender inequalities and discriminations. Human organizations rely on a sexual division of labor based on social norms, which assign different roles to men and women. Social sciences provide theoretical and empirical tools to enlighten this issue. The course sheds light on the different controversies that emerge in academia regarding gender inequalities and feminist approaches.

Some countries perform better than others in tackling gender inequalities and discrimination. This course focuses on the reconfiguration and the persistence of sex inequalities. The common thread of this course is bringing to light the interaction with the Welfare state, the market and the family. International, historical, and socio-economic perspectives provide a framework to disentangle the specific concerns raised by gender.

Organization of the Course

Part I. Sex, Gender and Controversies in social sciences

Part II. The roots of gender/sex inequalities 

Part III. Labor markets, public policies and gender/sex inequalities 

Part IV. Gender and societies in transition

Main Professor Biography

Hélène Périvier is a researcher in Economics at the OFCE, Sciences Po. She is the director of the research and academic program on gender studies in Sciences Po, PRESAGE. She has coordinated the European project EGERA, Effective Gender Equality in Research and the Academia (2014-2017). 

Her research focuses mainly on social and family policies and gender inequalities in the labor market, and discrimination. She has recently published papers on different topics: « The new Spirit of neo-liberalism : Equality and economic prosperity » with Réjane Sénac (2018) and “A dynamic toward gender equality? Participation and employment in European Labour markets”, with Grégory Verdugo (2018).

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