University Programme course list

University Programme course list

Social sciences, French language, electives
  • French language classes, Summer 2017 (photo: Manuel Braun)French language classes, Summer 2017 (photo: Manuel Braun)

This June and July, students in the Summer School’s 2018 University Programme will be able to choose from a wide variety of core and elective courses in both social sciences and French language.

Download the 2018 Academic Overview for the University Programme (PDF, 180 Mo) for the full course list.

Participants have their choice of:

  • Session: The Summer School offers two distinct four-week sessions in June and July.  Participants may choose to attend one or both sessions.  Both academic tracks are offered each session.
  • Core course: Each session, students choose one core course in either the social sciences track or the French language track for intensive study for the duration of the session.  Students who attend both sessions may choose to remain in the same track, or switch tracks after the first session.
  • Elective class: In addition to their core course, participants may choose to take an optional elective course, which will be held three afternoons per week.

Download the schedules for the June (PDF, 118 Mo) and July sessions (PDF, 118 Ko).

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