Student testimonials: Asma's experience

Pre-College Programme
  • Asma in class, 2017 Pre-College Programme (Photo: Cyrille Beudot)Asma in class, 2017 Pre-College Programme (Photo: Cyrille Beudot)

Asma, who attended the 2017 Pre-College Programme, currently studies at a Lycée Français in Tunisia. Here, she reflects back on her experience at Sciences Po. 

Why did you decide to come to the Summer School last summer?

"I saw the opportunity to attend the Pre-College Programme as a challenge: I am not a native English speaker and spending two weeks in an English-speaking programme was a great way to improve my level. I also wanted to get an idea of University-level classes and student life at Sciences Po." 

What did you gain from this experience ?

"Thanks to the Summer School, I discovered what a lecture class is like, an experience that now proves useful for my last year of high school - even more so because concepts and authors that we studied are often referred to in my classes this year. On the methodological side, I found out what kind of academic expectations await us at the university level. And from a more human perspective, I’d recommend the programme to anyone who wants to meet students with a similar passion for the social sciences and at the same time various backgrounds and interests."

If you had to sum up your experience at Sciences Po in one word?

"Without any hesitations, I would choose the word "sharing". Be it with students, counselors or the Summer School team, the whole experience relied on sharing, from the beginning to the end. Everyone was coming from a different country, had their own points of view and enjoyed sharing their cultural background with others, always in a respectful and kind way."

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