Scenes of Summer 2016

Scenes of Summer 2016

  • Scenes from the 2016 Summer SchoolScenes from the 2016 Summer School

Highlights of the 2016 Summer School

Summer doesn’t only mean vacation at Sciences Po!  The Summer School welcomed nearly 320 students this June and July for four or eight weeks on Sciences Po’s Paris campus.

Here are some of the highlights of the summer:

  • Learning: Students devoted their summer to intensive study of either social sciences or French language.  Students in the social sciences track spent 48 classroom hours studying one of Sciences Po’s core subjects, such as international relations, political science, or economics.  Students in the French language track spent 70 classroom hours improving their French through a variety of language classes and workshops.
  • International exchange: With students representing 51 different nationalities, the Summer School is a microcosm of the international environment of Sciences Po.  In this multicultural environment, students had the opportunity to interact with classmates from a diverse range of backgrounds both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Speaker series: Students attended conferences with a variety of public and academic figures to discuss current issues in France and Europe.  Topics included French refugee asylum policy, the future of French foreign policy, and the rise of the National Front in French politics.  Learn more about the Speaker Series.
  • Extracurricular activities: The 2016 Summer School featured an expanded activities programme to allow students discover Paris and get to know each other outside the classroom.  Students visited the château Vaux-le-Vicomte and Claude Monet’s gardens at Giverny, took bike and walking tours of Paris, and participated in wine tasting classes... to name just a few of the cultural activities offered!  Students also enjoyed yoga classes, outings in Paris, picnics and other social and athletic activities.  See a full list of the activities offered in Summer 2016.
  • Exploring Paris: From student discounts at museums, the Fête de la Musique, Bastille Day fireworks on July 14th, and more, living in the City of Lights is a learning experience outside the classroom as well!  

Read what some students have to say:

Bernardo, Brazil, French language track, Level C1:

“The educational aspect of the Summer School was truly superb.  The teachers were of exceptionally high quality, and they were universally competent and kind.  I also enjoyed the time I had to explore Paris; there’s a balance between class hours, homework, and free time that allows you to still get a full Paris experience.”

Ritthy, Cambodia, social sciences track, “Political Economics”:

"My course on Political Economics met all of my expectations; it combined analysis of politics, economics and the media in a contemporary framework.  The course answered made me more confident in terms of political debate and discussion in the digital age.  I also really enjoyed the atmosphere at Sciences Po. The students in my class were really inspiring; they had a wide range of academic backgrounds and came from all over the world."

Kyle, United States, social sciences track, “The European Union at a Crossroads”

“This past month we got to hear from the head of France's refugee agency, the head of France's diplomatic corps, and other similarly intelligent, important, and active people. Engaging with them in such a small group is a really great opportunity, and they were great about being upfront with us and telling us what the true challenges of their jobs are, helpful as preparation for those of us who also might want to fill those jobs in the future...  Furthermore, Paris is a truly magical city, I can attest to that after a month here, and that means that the experiences that just pop out of nowhere never cease to surprise and amaze.”

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