Reims, Paris, Strasbourg

Reims, Paris, Strasbourg

A tale of three cities
Pre-College Programme
  • Paris, Strasbourg and ReimsParis, Strasbourg and Reims

Summer is a time for discovery: not only intellectual, but also cultural discoveries. Participants in the Pre-College Programme will have the chance to live in both Reims and Paris, and spend a weekend in the historic city of Strasbourg.

Discovering Reims

Did you know that, for over a thousand years, Reims served as the coronation site of the French monarchy? This is only one of the many stories underpinning the city’s rich heritage, which started as a Roman colony and ended up today as the heart of the world-famous Champagne region. As a result, Reims boasts an impressive architectural heritage, from its renowned cathedral and world-famous vineyards to its Art Deco architecture. 

But history doesn’t stop at the Sciences Po campus’ doorstep: the Reims campus is housed in a former Jesuit college dating from the 17th century. This remarkable site makes for an inspiring study environment, where history is encountered at every step, from the old Jesuit library to the monumental staircases…

Exploring Paris

Montmartre, the Musée d'Orsay, l'Ile de Cité and the Pont des Arts… Who has never dreamt of studying in the City of Lights?

During the last week of the programme, participants have the opportunity to stroll the streets of Paris and visit its many landmarks. They will view the capital from its best vantage point during a Seine river cruise, admire artistic masterpieces in Paris’s museums, and explore the capital’s historic neighbourhoods. They may even get the chance to discover lesser-known areas in Paris and learn some of its well-guarded secrets…

Visiting Strasbourg

With its medieval cityscape and Venice-like canals, Strasbourg may well be one of France’s most charming cities!

For a whole weekend, students and their counsellors will explore the historic city centre, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site: They will roam the twisting alleys of the Vieux Centre, lined with crooked half-timbered houses, and walk along canals in la Petite France, all while discovering a city that has been at the crossroads of Europe for centuries.

Last but not least, students will discover the glittering EU Quarter, home to many institutions such as the European Parliament and the Council of Europe: a perfect way to conclude their first week of courses, dedicated to European narratives and integration!

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