Preparing to study at Sciences Po

Preparing to study at Sciences Po

Interview with Tim, Summer 2016
  • Tim studied in the French language track in 2016 (photo: Siljan Tveitnes)Tim studied in the French language track in 2016 (photo: Siljan Tveitnes)

Tim attended the French Language Track of the Summer School in Summer 2016 before starting a Master’s in Public Affairs at Sciences Po. He holds a Bachelor’s in Economics and Media Studies from the University of Applied Sciences of Mittweida, Germany, and has worked in marketing and consulting in the fields of business development and big data.  He talks about what he got out of the Summer School, both inside and outside the classroom.

Why did you want to attend the Sciences Po Summer School?

I started a Master’s in Public Affairs at Sciences Po in Fall 2016. This programme lasts one year and during this time, my goal is not only to complete my degree, but also to master the French language.  The Summer School was the perfect opportunity for me to get back into an academic environment while improving my French.  It was also a great way to get more involved with current political topics in France and the world.

What was your experience living and studying in Paris?

Compared to other large metropolitan cities such as New York, Paris seems less hectic.  Perhaps the best part is learning about French history, literature or politics in class at the Summer School, then going out into the city and seeing the monuments, museum, and sites where it all happened – or is still happening.  To me, this is a unique opportunity.

One of the most memorable experiences I had during the summer was the picnic on the Champs de Mars for the 14th of July. Listening to the concert and seeing the beautiful fireworks was a great way to feel the spirit of how the French celebrate their democracy, all the way back to the time of the French Revolution.

How do you hope to benefit from your experience at the Summer School in the future?

Of course, I improved my French, but I also greatly benefited from the diverse student body.  There were students from almost every corner of the world and it was really rewarding for me to learn about their perspectives on contemporary issues. For example, how does someone from China see the evolution of the European Union or Brexit?  The conversations that I got to have with other students are really the cherry on top!

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