Meet the Pre-College Team

Meet the Pre-College Team

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  • Dr. Alicia Mornington & Alice Le GallDr. Alicia Mornington & Alice Le Gall

Get to know the professors and Summer School team members who will work with students this summer in the Pre-College Programme!

The academic programme is structured around interactive classes with a lead professor, and thematic master classes on contemporary issues including sustainable development, migration, security and peacekeeping, and the crisis of European integration.  Outside the classroom, students will explore Reims and discover Paris on the weekends through activities organized by the Programme Leader.

Read the biographies of the professors teaching the master classes.

Dr. Alicia Mornington is the Lead Professor of the Pre-College Programme. She will accompany students for the entire two-week session in classes that will help students interpret the material and develop their critical thinking skills. Read an interview with Alicia.

Alice Le Gall is the Programme Leader for the Pre-College Programme. She organizes the Summer School "outside the classroom," from activites, to weekend trips, to student support and supervision. Read an interview with Alice.

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