Meet our Profs!

Meet our Profs!

Jan Rovny on the European Union
  • European Parliament (Photo: Mehr Demokratie via Wikimedia Commons)European Parliament (Photo: Mehr Demokratie via Wikimedia Commons)

How did the European Union come to be and what is its future? Watch an interview with Prof. Jan Rovny, who teaches the class "The E.U. at a Crossroads" at the Summer School. 

Jan Rovny is an assistant professor at Sciences Po, Center for European Studies (CEE) and the Interdisciplinary Research Center for the Evaluation of Public Policies (LIEPP). His research concentrates on political competition in Europe with the aim of uncovering the ideological conflict lines in different countries.

In the Summer School's University Programme, he will teach the themes “History of the European Integration” and “The Political System of the E.U.”. To know more about the class "The E.U. at a Crossroads", read the 2018 course overview.

Jan Rovny will also be teaching the Master Class "European Integration: Calming a Conflicted Continent" in our summer Pre-College Programme.

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