2018 Pre-College Classes Announced

2018 Pre-College Classes Announced

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The class list for our 2018 Pre-College Programme is now available! Between Master Classes on current affairs, interactive tutorials, and a variety of elective courses, students are sure to have an enriching summer... Read on to discover what's on offer this year.

The academic programme represents about 48 class hours in total, spread over the course of three weeks (8-28 July 2018). Participants tackle rigorous academic content through an interdisciplinary lens, exploring current issues in international relations, political science and more. All the students attend the same core courses in the social sciences and take an elective class of their choice.

Core courses in the social sciences

Core courses, taught entirely in English, are meant to introduce students to Sciences Po’s core disciplines, through a combination of Master Classes and tutorials (about 30 contact hours). Students will attend a series of six 2.5-hour Master Classes, taught by Sciences Po professors and researchers, that will delve into current world issues. The first week will be dedicated to European issues, the second week will address current transnational challenges, and the last two Master Classes will delve into international governance. 

In preparation for Master Classes, students will participate in interactive, small-group tutorials that will allow them to develop their understanding of the material and themes addressed.

Find out more about the 2018 Pre-College Programme's Master Classes

Elective courses

In addition to their core courses, students will participate in one elective class of their choice (about 18 contact hours). Students will be able to choose one elective course among different options (within the limits of spots available): either a French language course or an introductory workshop to one of Sciences Po’s key disciplines, such as political science, international relations, law or sociology.

Option 1: Elective French Language course

French as a foreign language classes are available at the beginner and intermediate levels. Following a holistic approach to language mastery, French language classes will introduce students to French culture, literature and methodology while improving their knowledge of the French language.

For more information on what a typical French language class looks like, download the Course Overview for French as a foreign language - Intermediate levels (PDF, 184 Ko) or French as a foreign language - Beginner levels (PDF, 178 Ko).

Option 2: Elective Workshop

The following workshops will be available in 2018:

Read more about the 2018 Pre-College Programme's elective courses

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